25 October 2010

I remember Canada


"All London taxpayers pay for the London Convention Centre, but the London Convention Centre apparently does not serve all London taxpayers. It won't be too long now and, like Robin Hood and his Merrie Men, we'll be having to hold our get-togethers in a clearing in the forest on the edge of town."
It's nice to know that London, Ontario still has some sort of standards of decency, huh?


James Higham said...

It's a siege mentality over here at the moment. People are quite depressed.

Pissedoff said...

Da Silva like all the rest of these miserable cowards is a wanker.

Neo Conservative said...

"james higham says... a siege mentality over here"

well, james... tonight the people of the reputedly liberal stronghold of toronto elected a conservative mayor.

perhaps the tide of socialist surrender here in canada is actually starting to turn.