18 October 2010

Jihad goes glossy

Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street...

Lest Canadians think we’re somehow not on AQAP’s target list, the journal piece specifically suggests carrying out such attacks “in countries like Israel, the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark and Holland.”
(via moose & squirrel)


FROM THE COMMENTS: But, of course...
"I blame Stephen Harper."


Anonymous said...

Given Harper's support for Isreal's actions, I'm not surprised.

Guess which city will suffer for it? Right. Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

uh, nonny... lemme see if i understand your latest thesis here.

if bombs start to go off in toronto... it's stephen harper's fault?

what have you been smoking, bro?


Chris said...

Assuming that Nonny prefers the 'Liberal Brand' but like most of them, has a very selective memory for history.... Canada's support for Israel started under a 'Liberal Brand' government.

Something that the Liberals do not want to talk about now.

Neo Conservative said...

it's simpler than that, chris.

nonny floods this blog daily with his unadulterated nonsense. i'm obviously way more important to him... than he is to me.

you should see the unmedicated nut-baggery that doesn't make it past moderation.


Chris said...

Its the same guy?

A single minded crusade to get Liberal Brand politics back into power by blaming everything on Harper?

Well, it seemed to work in the US... and now they have to suffer though a term with a president who is completely unqualified to deal with this economic crisis.. but he sure does inspire "HOPE" and "CHANGE"

(whatever that means)