17 October 2010

If things were working out so well...

...in the old country... why would anyone ever choose to leave? -- political correctness be damned

-- Berlin -- "Many speak little or no German, work in low paying jobs or live off of government handouts at the same time the country faces an aging population and a shortage of highly skilled workers."

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This is vitally important because of who has said it and where it has been said. There are four million Muslims in Germany and because of the Nazi obscenity the Germans have for sixty years been terrified of being seen as in any way racist or intolerant.

My parents were immigrants who got married and promptly chose to leave Scotland for North America. And, from what I hear about the lives of many of my cousins... I am eternally grateful that they did.

My father & mother realised the immigrant dream of owning their own home and raising a large family. They did this, not by walling themselves off from the larger field of folk... but by embracing the Canadian way of life and all that it had to offer.

Trying to recreate the flawed homeland that you chose to flee... and why would you choose to leave otherwise... is an exercise in counter-productivity.

You want to live in Canada... be a Canadian. One people, one law.


POSTSCRIPT: Yup, I'm repeating myself, but...

...you're not prepared to be a law-abiding citizen... we don't want you.


Frances said...

Years ago, neo, I remember reading concerns about (then) West Germany's growing Turkish population and the lack of integration. It wasn't just the Turks were keeping themselves to themselves; the Germans didn't want to grant them citizenship, just use their cheap labour.

Obviously, the problems have seriously worsened since then. But I do wonder: what if a serious effort had been made to integrate the newcomers all those years ago?

JR said...

Right on the money, neo. My grandparents made the same journey.

It's a really simple concept, yet we still have gazillions of lefty morons like Phillip Nance in Saturday's Post who write idiotic stuff like:

[Today's] immigrants are pioneers, just like our forefathers were. ... Some women, like my neighbour, wear the niqab with pride.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... what if a serious effort had been made to integrate the newcomers all those years ago?"

good point frances... but what you're describing isn't multi-culturalism... it's the melting pot, which is the american model.

which, for the record, is what i personally favour.

multi-culturalism is the state-sponsored promotion of our differences.

just ask france & germany how that's working out for them.


Anonymous said...

oh yes. Let's pick one of the 'old world groups', say, the Italians.

Now, there's a group who truly embraced Canadianism, you never see them walling themselves off, 'sticking together as it were'. Certainly not bringing any of their crime organizations here eh?

I'm sure you can pick a number of those 'old world' groups, good Canadians all of them, and make this point.


Neo Conservative said...

anon screams... you never see them walling themselves off... Idiot."

seriously? you didn't know any italian kids growing up? i lived in a town of 5,000 people and i knew plenty.

and the silly name calling? just another hallmark of the compassionate, intellectual left.
"It's a little past ironic that compassionate, intellectual, progressive Zorpheus considers... "whining, spineless nancyboys"... to be the ultimate insult he can throw at us knuckle-draggin' neocons."
hey... maybe they just stayed away from you because you were calling them wops.