27 October 2010

Of course, switching to Hot-Air Balloons...

...would be both more ecologically AND aesthetically pleasing...

Ignatieff says the public is questioning whether the country needs stealth fighters to defend its airspace -- especially given the huge deficit run up by the Tories.

He says Liberals will get Canadians better value for money.
Seriously, Professor Poupon... you really wanna die on this particular hill?
On his first day in office in 1993, prime minister Jean Chr├ętien had ripped up a signed contract to purchase 28 navy helicopters and 15 search-and-rescue versions from E.H. Industries.

Left unsaid was an uncomfortable truth. Killing the project triggered more than $1 billion in cancellation penalties, write-offs, and extra maintenance costs for the existing fleet of Sea King helicopters.
And they say Iggy is the smart one.

I'm just not seeing it.


Anonymous said...

so here's the thing.

Perhaps the spend spend SPEEENNNNDDDD!! conservatives shouldn't be contracting to spend billions on wasteful jets right now.

Why this isn't simple to understand is anyone's guess.

As Rob Ford said. We don't have enough money!!!

Funny how this works.

Pissedoff said...

Iggy smart? I am 70 and am still waiting to meet a smart left wing lunatic. Problem is this also includes Liberals in blue like the present lot.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible? Have the Liberals found the one man who's political instincts make Joe Clark look like Margaret Thatcher?

Norm said...

and then several years later the government bought the exact same helicopters (but at a higher per copter price)!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the problem with buying "off the shelf" unites? It worked for the C17, LAV, C130J, leopards and various personal gear for our military.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Especially as he keeps flip-flopping. I thought he wanted to protect jobs in Quebec especially, but in his latest incarnation he wants to cancel the fighters and the subsequent spinoffs. I don't get it.

Jay said...

Our CF-18s (CF-188 officialy) are just about 30 years old. We need something new and we need it soon.

I've read on Wikipedia the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet would be a much better bargain, and possibly they'd be all built in Canada. Considering we also need to put a few billion into the Navy, that might be the better option.

Neo Conservative said...

let's bear in mind that the amount of money required to purchase the new strike fighters is roughly equivalent to the amount of money we pour into the black hole of the aboriginal reservation system... every year.

it's all relative, isn't it?


Chris said...

Ok good - someone caught it... the liberals just re-bought the same helicopters they cancelled. Of course, the liberal media did not want to point this out.

THE SAME Helicopters

As for the 'spendy' conservatives? Was it not the NDP and Liberanos that were crying to the media about a lack of stimulus spending a mere couple of years ago? Again, the lefty press does not make this connection.

The fighter contract should have been put to bid though. The F-35 is not really a 'stealth' fighter, its not an interceptor and as an attack aircraft, there are far better options.

Right now the Indian air force is evaluating a fighter package and its rumoured that the Super Hornet is among the front runners.

The Saudis and Koreans just picked a new version of the f-15. I would stay away from that from a cost per flight hour perspective.

Frances said...

Minor problem, Neo, hot air balloonw drift with the wind. They'd have to stick some form of moveable sail atop them to ensure you got remotely where you wanted to.