29 October 2010

You know, Rob... call me a little anal...

... but I'm just not sure that... this time anyway... "troubled" is gonna cover it...
hurray for legalised prostitutionIs it just possible... that giving five dollar blowjobs to unwashed strangers in dark, dirty alleys to cover your next hit on the devil's glass pipe... isn't an optimum career choice after all?

Darlene MacNeill was 35 when her body was found in Lake Ontario near the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club on Lake Shore Blvd. on Oct. 29, 1997. The mother of five had a hard life, first losing her 10-year-old daughter, Darla Rhoda Thurrott, in March 1989 in a sex slaying by a family friend.

Virginia Lee Coote, 33, was found partially clothed in the lake about a metre offshore between the Boulevard Tennis Club and the Palais Royale on Oct. 28, 1994. Coote was working as a prostitute in the Parkdale area and was also addicted on crack.

The first victim, Julieanne Fodora Middleton, a mother and part-time prostitute, was found July 7, 1994, wearing only a bra, about 100 metres west of where Coote was located.
Yeah... let's legalise prostitution... that'd solve everything.


Chris said...

Selling yourself is not illegal. It never has been.

Selling yourself in a public place is illegal.

The prostitution laws are less of a moral thing and more of a protection of property value thing.

Neo Conservative said...

obviously, chris... you're a thoughtful, complicated guy.

but it's even simpler than that for me.

prostitution... julia roberts & richard gere notwithstanding... is not a glamourous business.

hookers are, for the most part, crack-addicted social misfits who have given up caring whether or not they live or die. they degrade themselves to feed their craving for crack or meth or some other poison of the week.

pop quiz...

i wish my son/daughter could break into the thriving, rewarding field of prostitution.

one word answer, chris... yes or no?


Chris said...

I guess to your question is that you wouldn't want your child to be a prostitute. I don't really know you, though.

And I am far from complicated.

Just thought I would add to the conversation with some legal trivia about prostitution 'laws' and some history behind them.

I think it foolish to believe that making it "legal" or "cracking down" on the activity will have any effect on whether or not people decide to get into or leave that business.

I am a little confused as to the connection between pointing out that its 'public' aspect of the solicitation that is illegal and whether or not I know whether or not you want your son/daughter to be a prostitute.

Strange segue there.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... Strange segue there."

well... don't take it personally bro... unlike uber-skank terri-jean bedford... i just have a hard time seeing the upside of selling yourself to strangers.