22 October 2010

Fewer social workers... more fresh water

Do people really need the United Nations to show them how to plant crops, raise goats or dig a well? Build a desalinisation plant and drop off a hundred simple tractors for goodness sake... and move on to the next disaster zone.

I mean, it's not like the U.N. is gonna do something useful... like remove a corrupt administration...

Catherine Huck, deputy country director for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said the Caribbean nation's health ministry had recorded 135 deaths and more than 1,000 infected people.

“What we know is that people have diarrhea, and they are vomiting, and (they) can go quickly if they are not seen in time,” Huck said. She said doctors were still awaiting lab results to pinpoint the disease.
And the people continue to drop like flies.


Powell lucas said...

Like all U.N. endeavours, once a problem is no longer the disaster de jour and they can no longer use it to suck money out of sympathetic donors they turn it over to the bureaucrats to debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin while nothing gets done. With the amount of money that has poured into Haiti and the length of time since the U.N. moved in,it is unacceptable that there is not sufficient clean water available to keep the water-borne diseases at bay; to say nothing of inadequate medical facilities and virtually no action underway on reconstruction. The U.N. is a bureaucrats dream: lots of useless talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

I had a recent issue with some minor Social support and a misplaced ID to apply for a replacement.
I realized I'd be better off if I crosss the Rainbow bridge to touch USA soil and then turn around and re-enter canada as a refugee after I tossed my remaining ID off the bridge.
I get at least 5 years of welfare and housing until Canada can prove I'm not refugee.

The main issue is how many times I call one Dept. that sends me to another Gov. dept. and then 3-4 workers with the final one sending me back to the 1st Gov. Dept.
As for my ID, my parents were born in canada prior to the Electronic file system that only goes back to 1930.So not only can I not prove my parents were born here without extensive research in the archives,but their WW2 records are sealed until 20 years after they die as a vets. Mom was adopted and dad was born at home like many rural families in parts of Quebec.
How the hell am I to know exactly how much I weighed and who the Doctor was for all my older brothers and sisters,plus I don't even know exactly where my parents married after WW2.
My gawd, a boat load of 500 people wioth no ID just got handed bags of money and will be given New ID based on their stories,even if some a wanted criminal or terrorist.
I found 8 Union workers taking up space just to re-direct me to someone else and so on...Public sector jobs are like a giant Pyramid scam funded by us and about to collapse.
I want clean water and clean streets.

Neo Conservative said...

ask the people in the enigmatically-named "democracric republic of congo" how they feel about the united nations peacekeepers... you'll get an earful.


Norm said...

do they need the UN to show them how to raise goats, plant crops etc.? Maybe not the UN but Haiti needs SOMEONE to show them! Lord it has been TEN months since the earthquake and it is evident when left to their own devices the Haitians are incapable of achieving anything. It appears Haiti is reason # 4,382 why the 3rd world (OOPs! developing nations) need to be recolonized tout suite.

Neo Conservative said...

"norm asks... do they need the UN to show them how to raise goats, plant crops etc.?"

well, norm... cholera is caused by fecal contamination of drinking water.

apparently these folks don't even know not to shit where they eat.