26 October 2010

And overnight, the sad strains...

...of "Puff the Magic Dragon" continue to haunt the lonely streets...

A race that late polls were still declaring to be neck and neck turned out to be nothing of the kind. Neck and ankle, maybe.

The tweeters were beside themselves. Goodbye bike lanes, they tweeted, time to pack the bags and flee to a more moderate, progressive, inclusive city, like … Calgary.

"Calgary?! We don't want them here!!"

"Go to Redmonton!"

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...they'll blame it on the suburban troglodytes...uh, that'd be... well, you...
“If you talk to Adam Vaughan,” she said, “he’ll say his residents have asked him for an extra tax. I don’t think you get that in the suburbs.”


Hoarfrost said...

Finally the so-called arts community have met defeat.

Finally the unions have met defeat.

Hopefully the rest of us will benefit.

The bottom line is I hope the arts community and the unions will get the hind tit.

jwkozak91 said...

Calgary?! We don't want them here!!

Go to Redmonton!

Neo Conservative said...

let's just ask veteran taranna politician and noted leftbot maria augimeri what she thinks.

hmmm... i'm guessin' that calling the voters-at-large... "assholes"... might not be the socialists best move here... but, hey dopey... by all means carry on.

it'll catch up to you eventually.