19 October 2010

Multi-culturalism versus Melting Pot

Two words -- FIT... IN -- and you'll probably do just fine...

Mayor Naheed Nenshi will be at the helm and with the help of 14 aldermen will face Calgarians as the new council heads the city in a new direction.
Back here in the center of the universe, of course... this can only be about one thing...
rainbows & unicornsThat's weird... I guess I missed the part where Naheed Nenshi ran around Calgary shouting... "Elect me, I'm a Muslim."
He achieved what many observers thought impossible – a wonkish, even dorky, academic and visible minority elected to the helm of what is often called Canada's most conservative city after a campaign driven by charisma and sheer determination.
Here's a thought... maybe being a concerned Calgarian first... was enough.


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"The inverted moral order of multiculturalism is thus a case of what the late Sam Francis called 'anarcho-tyranny'."


Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken. If Higgins had won, note that she would be identified as the first female mayor.
After the headline trumpeting Nenshi's religion, the reporter stated that he celebrated in a Calgary Bar. A Muslim in a bar.
What will be interesting is how he reacts to the inevitable demands from the radical element to observe Islamic custom.


Neo Conservative said...

i suspect mr nenshi would rather people think of him simply as the mayor of calgary... rather than that muslim guy who got elected mayor.


Frances said...

Mr Nenshi is Ismaili, which is not one of the mainstream branches of Islam these days. Ismailis are followers of the Aga Khan. He was elected because his policies made sense to a lot of voters. Everyone is now hoping he can effect the change he wants to.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... He was elected because his policies made sense to a lot of voters."

nenshi sounds like a smart, articulate guy who has blended into canadian society and had a very successful life.

in other words... a product of the melting pot rather than divisive multi-culturalism.

hmmm... that sounds kinda familiar.


alexb said...

The Ismaili sect from what i have gleaned over the last 6 months i have been aware of them are pretty much null and void in the Islamic world.

But all the best to the new Mayor!

Patrick Ross said...

That's exactly what Ezra Levant had to say today:

Nenshi had it right. He cared. The other candidates couldn't be bothered to match it.

That's what matters. Good for him.

Neo Conservative said...

i saw naheed nenshi on the news last night and he made a joke about his election being "a victory for dorky guys with bad haircuts."

not word one about religion.

smart, articulate and a sense of humour.

the more i see of this guy, the more i understand his appeal.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Mr. Nenshi, the sensationalist doofuses of the media have decided that his Muslim religion is the defining characteristic of his mayoral win.
Several previous commenters have already pointed out that Nenshi campaigned as a Calgarian, an Albertan and a Canadian, and that Calgarians voted for him in that context.
I think I have to retract my original concern. Mr. Nenshi might be in more trouble with the multi-culties than the radical Islamists when he turns out only to be a decent mayor and not the multicultural messiah.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the sensationalist doofuses of the media"

well... not all of them...

"In his campaign materials, Mr. Nenshi did not play the diversity card, nor pander to any particular ethnic constituency."

"Naheed Nenshi asked to be evaluated as a politician, not an ethno-politician, in other words. And that is exactly how Calgary voters treated him."

i wonder.. how long is gonna take for the sacred liberal stronghold of toronto to elect a muslim mayor?


Don Sharpe said...

I shudder to think of what kind of 'muslim' would get elected Mayor in Toronto, and who his imam would be. At least we won't be forced to worry about it until at least 4 years of 'Ford Rule'.
Your thoughts about Nenshi are right on, he won because everyone who heard him speak thought 'Hey, he's a smart guy who's just like us' - A melting post success story.

Neo Conservative said...

"don says... A melting post success story."

my favorite nenshi quote is... "i know how to talk to the guy at the muffler shop... because he's my cousin."