18 October 2010

Too many Chiefs...

...not enough accountability...

At least 30 aboriginal band chiefs received more pay than the average after-tax income of Canada’s provincial premiers in 2008-09, according to data obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Using federal Access to Information laws, the organization asked the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs to provide the salary information for every band chief and councillor in Canada.

The names of the chiefs and their locations were withheld and there was no information provided about money given to band councillors.

CTF Prairie director Colin Craig said he believes the number of chiefs who took home more than the average premier is actually much higher because band-owned enterprises contribute substantial amounts to their overall remuneration.


Anonymous said...

A great racket.

Time to offer a sum to each Indian family in Canada and say this is it for all time

Neo Conservative said...

it's certainly gotta be cheaper than the billions of taxpayer dollars we flush down the reservation system crapper every year.


L said...

Outrageous! These tribes need to sell land to their people and become Canadians.

Neo Conservative said...

"l says... sell land to their people"

but then... what hold would the chiefs and their cronies have on the rest of the people?

i've said it before... one people, one law.