28 October 2010

Welcome Back Khadr?

Not bloody likely...

I speak in the name of the Government of Canada and what I can tell you is that any plea bargain was between Mr. Khadr’s officials, his lawyers as well as the American government."

"And the Government of Canada is not involved in that.”

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...the Natural Governing Party ramps up... "Operation Bite My Own Testicles"...
He went on to talk about having an “open and transparent process” to deal with CSR issues. Not surprisingly, some Liberals were scratching their heads as to where Mr. Ignatieff actually stands on this issue.
Oh, Mikey... you're losin' Hanoi Jane Taber, you're really swirling the drain.


wilson said...

So, reading between the lines,
little Khadr has
the 'right to apply' for repatriation to Canada,
and the Canadian gov has given no guarantees his application would be accepted.

Seeing as Canada has no deprograming-a-terrorist facility, but Saudi does,
to appease the UN, PMSH should send little Khadr off to camp Saudi!

Dear Jane,
you see now why we call him Iffy.....

Anonymous said...

foreign affairs minister insists that he is not calling lawyers in the Omar Khadr case liars
None the less, THEY ARE.

Anonymous said...

"operation bite your own testicles" That means the lieberals are all safe. There isn't a set of balls amongst the whole party.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Iggy is a puppet. Is it possible he got a call from Uncle Moe in China?
Do you think Corporate Social Responsibility would be popular in China?

Anonymous said...

Canadians are waking up.

Check out the latest poll.



Neo Conservative said...

"In Ontario, the Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals by nine points (41% to 32%)."

thx for the link.