25 October 2010


Mr. Khadr assented to knowing that he was attacking civilians, that he wanted to kill U.S. troops, that he planted mines and that he received one-on-one terrorist training from an al-Qaeda operative.

Mr. Khadr's guilty plea short circuits the trial phase but a sentencing phase will proceed. Testimony from Tabitha Speer, the widow of the special forces soldier killed by a grenade thrown during a fierce, July 2002 Afghan firefight, will be heard.
Okay... that's step one.

How about... step two... we don't repatriate his jihadi ass back to Canada?


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Defense lawyer Barry Coburn said any deal won’t involve Mr. Khadr admitting he killed U.S. Sergeant Christopher Speer with a grenade, the act that U.S. military prosecutors say warrants a charge of murder.
This is now.


BREAKING: What I'm talkin' about
-- BRAMPTON, Ont. -- The ringleader of the so-called Toronto 18, who had pleaded guilty to terror charges that included attacking Parliament, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.
Hang on... Omar actually kills people... and he only gets 8 years?

How exactly does that work?


Martin said...

Any deal Canada might make should ensure that Khadr waive his lawsuit against the government. This suit already filed is for $100 M damages.The amount is similar to the US civil suit awared to Sgt, Speer's widow and Sgt. Morris. This suit applied to the estate of Khadr Sr. for failing to control his son. Needless to say none of the money had been forthcoming. It would be a travesy of justice if Khadr did receive a large payout from Canada, while the Speer and Morris families got nothing. Probably some International law prevents such an agreement as part of a plea bargain. Without an agreement, Canada should let him serve his time in a US prison.

Anonymous said...

If they bring the POS back to Canada he should be charged with treason for taking up arms against Canada and our allies. But instead he will likely get the Mahr Arha treatment to the status of instant millionaire.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

omar khadr is about as canadian as osama bin laden...

He agreed that he was an "alien, unprivileged, enemy belligerent," unqualified therefore to shoot back or engage in combat hostilities with U.S. or other coalition forces. He said he understood he was guilty of "murder in violation of the laws of war" and that he was a member of al-Qaeda.

so much for poor, little omar.

you really want this guy living in your neighbourhood?

yeah... that's what i thought.