16 October 2010

More rainbows & candied unicorns

As CTV & the corpse that used to be Lloyd Robertson continue their non-stop weeks long "Who wants to be a Celebrity Miner" coverage... it's important to note that the world does not stop spinning...

Last year 2,631 Chinese miners were killed, according to official statistics, but independent labour groups say the true figure is likely to be much higher as many accidents are believed to be covered up.

The government has repeatedly vowed to shut dangerous mines and strengthen safety, but the accidents continue with regularity as mines hustle to pump out the coal on which China relies for about 70 percent of its energy.
Yeah, yeah... I know... I'm such a downer.

Gawd forbid we stop the feelgood media merry-go-round.


Anonymous said...

Very funny satire in the blog Un Monde À Droite about what would have happened if the Chilean miners had been Quebeckers.
Basically the rescue effort would have gone well until the Quebec bureaucracy, unions and Indian grievances over possible Indian territorial lands would have slowed the whole thing down to a crawl.
Injunctions, blockages and fights over who is responsible follow...

Neo Conservative said...

for our bilingual readers.


Frances said...

When you think miracles, think Springfield - 50's edition.