18 October 2010

That noise you hear...

... is a thundering herd of lawyers...

A hiker in Washington's Olympic National Park was gored to death by a mountain goat while picnicking on Saturday.

The goat was notoriously aggressive, and park rangers had been "hazing" the animal for years by shooting it with bean bags.
How exactly is endlessly tormenting an animal a viable solution to this problem.

Somebody remind me... how much is a single round of 300 Winchester Magnum?


Anonymous said...

Your going to need more than one round for all those lawyers, I recommend you get a box at least


Neo Conservative said...

ah, good one... but unless i'm mistaken, i believe the preferred method of dealing with lawyers is still hanging.


Chris said...

The ones who complain the most about lawyers are the ones who have had the least experience with them. They are also usually the first to come running when something bad happens to them.

Then they believe they shouldn't have to pay for the lawyer's time.