23 October 2010

No word yet, from Mayor Miller's office...

...which gun club the shooters belonged to...

Police in 14 Division said the shooting could be gang-related and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

"Nobody talks to us," Superintendent Ruth White, who commands the division, told The Globe, adding there have been six similar shootings in the past two weeks.
Hmmm, Ruthie... you think it might have anything to do with today's "pretty, pretty please" school of policing?
"It's only logical that people saw the actual murder happen and I need them to come forward."
Yeah... logical.

Tell that to Paul Bernardo, Russell Williams... or the Falstaff Crips


CanadianSense said...

Mike and Jack promised us the Long Gun Registry in New Brunswick saves lives.

Didn't those duck hunters, farmers in Toronto get the memo?

Lynn said...

"Nobody talks to us",and with good reason. First, retaliation by a gang member on bail before his trial is a very real possibility,and secondly, the police have acted toward ordinary citizens with such arrogance, very few trust them anymore.

Add to that the felon you testify against today will be out on parole in six months,and what the hell do the police expect?

Perhaps Toronto the Good should sponsor gun safety courses so the youth of that city are in less danger from accidental injuries due to improper handling.

Remember,today's youth gang member,once exposed to the rehab environment in our Correctional facilities,is tomorrow's good citizen. (or adult gang member)


Neo Conservative said...

well... i know who i'd be handin' one-way tickets on george smitherman's "gravy plane"... and it sure wouldn't be members of the "diverse business community".