18 October 2010

Sorry... gotta draw the line somewhere

Call me a crusty old curmudgeon... but, for myself, anyway... providing euthanasia services to grieving relatives is it...one toke over the line


maryT said...

Isn't it in India where widows are thrown on the funeral whatever of their spouse.
Wonder what those wanting to commit suicide think of that, take the whole family with them.

Neo Conservative said...

mary... it's a little off-topic, but you're obviously referring to the indian practice of suttee... which was actually outlawed in india by the british colonial government...

lord napier, the ruling g-g at the time, made a decree banning suttee. when some indian men visited him they protested that this was culturally insensitive imperialism. suttee was a long held custom.

fine, replied napier. in england, we also have a custom that when men murder women, we hang them. so you build your pyres & we'll build our gallows.

not the answer they were looking for, i'm guessing.

in this case... the dignitas guy looks to be leveraging his existing business by taking advantage of grief-stricken family members.

to my mind, it's almost as equally despicable.