04 November 2009

Stand by for a flood...

...of fully-choked goose guns to hit the mean streets of northwest Toronto...

The minority Conservative government got help from 12 New Democrats, eight Liberals and one Independent to pass a private member's bill that would kill the registry, expunge records on more than seven million firearms, and plow under a $1-billion taxpayer investment.

The 164-137 vote in favour of Bill C-391 is a big victory for the Tories, who have been fighting for years to end what they call a “wasteful, inefficient” registry.
P.S. -- Don't be standing under any windows at the CBC building tonight.

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“All members of our party support the principle of gun control. The issue is to find a system of gun control that works for all Canadians, that works in rural Canada, that works in urban Canada,” Mr. Ignatieff said.

He said the Liberals are working on that but he wouldn’t say how or with what.
Yeah... we're all shocked.



Michael Harkov said...

The Liberals get $56,500 donation in 2001 from the one vaccine supplier when they should have had two, yet the Liberals still have the utter gall to complain about a lack of the vaccine. Now the Offical Opposition Liberals have lost a vote, with help from their own members, to put a nail in the coffin of a bloated, wasteful program that they held so dear.

A response -


No, they're not absolutley desperate, are they? :D

And the dropping from CC's place in the form of trolls speaks volumes.

Michael Harkov said...

But I need accuracy and lots of stopping power. What do you recommend?

A cyanide capsule in the hollow of one of your teeth. Do the world a favour - bite down.


Blame Crash said...

Some folks sure are sore losers.

It's sad to see them flailing about and lashing out at what was obviously the correct thing to do.

The fact that this thing finally took a bullet during a minority government speaks volumes, doesn’t it.

Anonymous said...

What part of "free vote" are you not understanding?
Gee, maybe you should point that out to westerngrit, Eugene Forsey Liberal, cowboysforsocialresponsibility... shall I go on. As Michael said, "idiot".

Blame Crash said...

The Canadian Left is infected with a blind and unquestioning loyalty to the US Democratic Party and their sycophants. That’s where all the rage is coming from. These left wing Canadians feel a profound sense of embarrassment because of this loss.
After all, their isn’t a more leftist touchstone issue than gun control.

Michael Harkov said...

Counseling to commit suicide, eh? Thank you "Michael Harkov".

Okay, obviously, I was being facetious and I wasn't being serious. Even in the midst of a hyper partisan debate, things can sometimes get out of hand. I don't want anyone to seriously attempt suicide because of an online spat. It was insensitive, in extremely bad taste, and over the top. I unreservedly apologize to both you Liberal Supporter, and to Neo.

Murray the Hun said...

liberal supporter,

Seriously, seek therapy.

wilson said...

''The fact that this thing finally took a bullet during a minority government speaks volumes, doesn’t it.''

Minority governments actually work very well for PMSH,
one less item on that fictional hidden agenda,
one more item on 'promise kept' side of the ledger.

Michael Harkov said...

As far as this getting by the Senate is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it. The Liberals and Ignatieff can't afford to have the Senate buck the Commons yet again, especially with some Liberals acutally supporting this.

And besides, with another Liberal Senator retiring early, that puts the Tories that much closer to that coveted Senate majority.

Neo Conservative said...

michael... no need to apologise... but really, you should feel a little silly for taking the bait.

i usually just delete little libby as he's wiping his shit all over the walls. i'm sure he's gratified that, after a dozen previous failed attempts tonight... he finally managed to get somone to respond to his nonsense.

he's actually backed off a little on the homo-erotic stuff... funny how the lefties all imagine major swish is a huge insult. i think even he sensed he was crossing a line there... daddy issues, or something.

in future, just ignore him... i'll clean it up eventually.


The Phantom said...

Gee Neo, are the poor little Lefties getting all upseted about the mean old CPC shitcaning their beloved honeypo--- er, gun registry?

Poor babies.

Get used to it, babies. This is just the start. Incrementalism goes in both directions.

Anonymous said...

the word investment was used. what investment? when i invest i expect a return, not the flushing of money.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the word investment was used. what investment?"

yeah... i caught that as well.

i think it's just the way the left argues... talk loudly, throw everything you can think of at your opponent... and repeat.

giving two billion taxpayer dollars to your corporate buddies is not investing.


The Phantom said...

Investment means the two billion bucks of our money they spread around to friends trying to stay in power will all be wasted if we make them admit it was all bullshit.

maryT said...

Hedy Fry has said when the libs get back to power (shouldn't she say IF)
they will re-instate this bill.
I am sure that stmt will go over well in ridings where the MP crossed the party and voted yes. Would you trust that MP to stay the course.

maryT said...

Oh, read Don Martins rant today and get prepared for the next faux scandal involving the Torch Run. And remember the PM will be out of the country when this breaks.
Should we send sympathy cards to Wendy C.