04 November 2009

So Mr. Mayor... any word yet on which...

Toronto area gun club, the shooters belonged to?

-- North York -- A man in his 20s is Toronto’s latest murder victim after he was shot and killed in the city’s north end late Tuesday night.

Police say the victim — a 24-year-old man — was shot just after 11:30 p.m. in the Fince Ave. W. and Keele St. area in front of a townhouse on Sentinel Rd

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You're tellin' me taking rifles & shotguns away from farmers and duck hunters isn't gonna reduce urban gun crimes?

Does this mean we get our two billion dollars back?


FROM THE COMMENTS: It's that time, once again...
"He could shoot me with his bazooka from a mile away."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 3:53 PM, November 04, 2009
"I want all gun laws repealed. Then I can go fascist hunting."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:57 PM, November 04, 2009
Gotta love what passes for wisdom in the chimp-o-sphere. Especially when you can just post it over & over again.

Genius... sheer genius.


LAST WORD: Latest victim identified
Kevin Phouthonesy, 24, of Toronto, was found dead at the scene of apparent gun shot wounds.

This is Toronto's 47th homicide of the year, and the third in the span of five days.
A 21-year-old man was found shot in the head, laying on the front lawn of a Benjamin Blvd. house, near Midland and Eglinton Aves., at about 2:40 p.m., police and witnesses said.

Several suspects were seen running from the scene before a 16-year-old boy was nabbed at nearby Kennedy subway station, where a handgun was also found.


Rural and Right said...

We won't be getting our 2 Billion Dollars back but at 5:30 today we will finally see the beginning of the end of this useless long gun registry.

Soon I won't be a criminal anymore for not having a piece of paper for each and every long gun I own

... but as for that piece of paper (that would have cost the taxpayer more then many firearms are worth) I am more worried about getting me a deer ... yes Iggy I am an armed violent menace to ... Bambi's mother ...

Neo Conservative said...

well... whaddaya know...

OTTAWA -- MPs voted by a clear margin Wednesday to repeal the federal long-gun registry, signalling for the first time since the program was adopted 14 years ago that it is headed for the scrap heap.


Rural and Right said...

Wow ... looks like 'liberal supporter' has one of the symptoms of the H1N1 flu, with all the shit he left on your comment walls...

Or was it the 164-137 vote to kill the long gun registry that made him shit all over.

Neo Conservative said...

it doesn't take a whole lot to send errand-boy libby over the edge these days.

it just might be time for the poor little soul to adjust his meds.