13 June 2008

I gotta say, Premier McGuinty...

I was already plenty unhappy when I heard you were gonna use taxpayer dollars to fund sex-change operations... but subsidising porn is just way freakin' over the top...
-- TORONTO -- Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending the use of tax credits to help fund a controversial new movie about the sex lives of young Canadians.
C'mon Dalton... is this something you're gonna be taking your kids to see?


"My doctor asked for a cancer screening lab test at my latest medical. Not covered by OHIP, but sex change operations are?"

"Does OHIP have enough money for one and not the other?"
Good question.

You could email Dalton McGuinty and ask.


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"I agree. That's hot. I'm going to go buy some cellophane and a bottle of ketchup for the ol' lady."