29 August 2008

David Miller's "Phony War"

Yes, Toronto... rise up and praise your mighty warrior-king...

The final shot for the Canadian National Recreation Association Gun Club's shooting range in Union Station was fired Wednesday night --the fatal round coming from Toronto Mayor David Miller.

Are you feeling safer today with the eviction and closure of this pistol range? Or did you even know it was there, since nothing terrible happened there in the eight decades when it was a CN-owned property and then later when it was turned over to the municipality?

Unfortunately for the 130 members who had never had an incident or accident in 81 years, Miller found out they were tucked away on the seventh floor and that was the end of them.

"It's a crime," said club president Tom Bradbeer, a member since 1982. "We feel very sad."
And the reality here is, this takes not a single illegal gun out of circulation. Toronto's actual pistol-packin' thugs will continue their reign of terror unabated.

Shutting down these totally law-abiding citizens is simply political theatre designed to cast the Mayor as a crime-fighter.

And what villains did his blondeness dispatch on this august occasion?
He described a sombre scene of about 20 defeated members gathering around telling stories and each taking a final shot in the range that helped train everyone from police officers to Olympians like Avianna Chao, just back from Beijing.

"There were some speeches," Bradbeer said. "We cleaned out the filing cabinets. When we left, the lock codes were changed and we can no longer get in any more."

Just like that. They were evicted from their only home since 1927.
Hey, Super Dave... maybe you can turn the range into a city-funded heroin parlour.

Truly... I fear for my country.



Anonymous said...

I live in Alberta. I feel completly unsafe that this gun range that I have never heard of before has closed. In fact I am outraged. Damn Liberals.

Hugh MacIntyre said...

I live two blocks away from Union Station. I had no idea this was a range there, and I'm a bit sad that I didn't know before.

Anonymous said...

And I feel for my city.

The emperor truly has no clothes. He has no reasonable ideas. This is just like McGuinty's pit bull ban. It will do nothing, cost (the city) nothing, but it gets his name in the paper and plays to his simple-minded base.

Where, oh where, is the right-wing, or hell, even centrist candidate for Mayor here? I'd even vote for Smitherman over His Hair. I think I just retched a bit...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I feel completly unsafe... I am outraged"

see... the thing i don't get about cc et al... and all their anonymous sarcastic trolling... it's like spray-painting obscenities in some dark back alley and pretending you're actually accomplishing something.

is it really that satisfying? more importantly... does it add anything to the conversation?

the point here, nonnybot... is that the compassionate, progressive mayor of toronto has chosen to victimise a completely legitimate enterprise... supposedly in the name of fighting crime.

this is then held up as a worthy initiative by folks like yourself.

do you not see it? are you really that simple?


Anonymous said...

Typical Liberal reasoning. We'll close down these organizations that have no history of problems or criminal activity but we'll keep these social clubs, which are just shooting galleries for the thugs in the city, wide open.
You go, Liberals. You've really got a handle on how to deal with the social cancer that has taken root in this country.

Reynald said...

David Miller has proven by his actions against law abiding citizenry to be a real danger to this country. If he were just an incompetent clown doing nothing that would be to his level of competence. His left wing actions smack of totalitarianism and that is not the Canadian heritage. Either he is too ignorant or too stupid to realize the enormity of his actions against democratic ideals and personal freedoms. In either case he has betrayed his electorate and the people of Canada. The Liberal vision has lost the way and no longer represents our history or our culture. Sadly, the Liberals need more than forty days in the wilderness in order to see the light. Their aim to disarm all Canadians is a vision too close to Orwell's 1984 for my liking and I don't wish to witness such a travesty in my lifetime.