03 April 2007

Speaking of aboriginal rights...

There are two people in this story... Darnell Pratt and Grant DePatie, but before you read any further, I want you to think of a number. It's not a magic trick, so don't be worried that I'm gonna give you the number right up front.

The number is seven. Remember that... number seven.

So here we go...

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - The family of Grant DePatie is outraged that the 17 year old convicted of dragging DePatie to his death may now be released from jail as early as next year.

Pratt killed DePatie by dragging the gas station attendant under a stolen car after a gas and dash, worth just $12.30, in Maple Ridge two years ago.
Darnell Pratt already caught a break by falling under Canada's laughably lax Young Offenders Act. Now he gets his cake iced by having his sentence reduced again. I don't know about you, but in my world that makes no sense.

It's absurd. It's beyond absurd.

So what the hell is going on here?

Turns out it's the usual politically correct leftbot jibber-jabber. And until someone decides to apply some common-sense to the backed up, left-leaning "criminals are the real victims" judicial system, we will see it happen time and time again. Ask Karla Homolka... she's the reigning poster-child for homicidal criminals.

So here's the punch-line to this sick joke...
The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled the judge at Darnell Pratt's trial didn't properly take into account his young age and his aboriginal background.
Oh that.

And that number I asked you to remember?

Oh yeah.

That's the number of kilometres that 24 year old Grant DePatie's torn, naked body was dragged that night before it was spit out lifeless... from underneath Darnell Pratt's car.

Lucky number seven.


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Need another example? Don't worry, there are plenty more where that came from.
In Feb. 2003, Laurel Price, 17, was beaten to death after she broke off a relationship with the inmate. In Dec. 2004, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to an additional three years in jail.

For the last two years he has lived in a dorm-style facility equipped with a television and Sony Playstation.

He is scheduled for release in December but was trying to get out now so that he could work this summer and go to college in the fall.
Hey... maybe he'll be taking college classes with your teenage daughter later this year.

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Anonymous said...

Outrageous and disgusting. The Youth Criminal Justice Act - a Liberal invention designed to employ more Liberal friendly law firms and social activists - must be scrapped. How many people must be killed before Parliament will pass tougher crime laws?

Canadians won't put up with this forever, it would be no surprise if victims decided to take justice into their own hands - and no one really wants that.

Neo Conservative said...

*"anon said... it would be no surprise if victims decided to take justice into their own hands - and no one really wants that."

oh yeah... talk to grant depatie's family and friends.

i suspect they wouldn't mind.

when are canadians gonna wise up to the leftbot agenda?


Pat said...

People's children are murdered and the murderer goes free, in better shape than when they killed the child. Something is very wrong with this ideology.

One thing for sure is that if the murderer was the child of a prominent Conservative politician, the left would be out with the pitchforks and rope. The hatred the left feels towards Western Democracies is disgusting.

Mike said...

He actually boasted to a friend that he could hear his victim screaming... and drove on !!

This guy is not worth the oxygen he consumes, let alone the CO2 he exhales.

Neo Conservative said...

"Mike said... He actually boasted to a friend that he could hear his victim screaming... and drove on !!"

and now he has learned that his band card is also a get out of jail free card.


klepage said...


I think it is disgusting reducing Darnell's sentence. Ultimately there is no Justice for a Family loosing a member. But to reduce Darnell Pratt's sentence because he is aboriginal and had a bad upbringing, are you kidding. The Original Judge did take that into consideration. All kinds of people in this world have problems in there lives and come from different races, does that give them the right to do these horrific crimes and get away with it. They know the difference between right and wrong.

What kind on message does this send to people and Young adults????? No wonder we are such trouble with our youth. Everything is about a slap on the wrist.

What does this teach Darnell? Darnell needs to serve his original time.

Darnell CHOSE to drink 20 some odd beer that night
Darnell CHOSE to steal a car
Darnell CHOSE to steal gas
Darnell CHOSE to point that car towards Grant and hit him from behind. (Grant was walking away from the car)
Darnell CHOSE to drive with Grant dragging under the car
Darnell CHOSE to go to his friend’s and talk about what he just did (killing someone) and continues drinking
Darnell CHOSE to steal another car and drive impaired (part of the time) to Hope
Darnell CHOSE to try and use a stolen credit card in Hope
Darnell CHOSE to drive by where he left Grants body ( So he knew he did wrong)
Darnell CHOSE to drive away when he seen all the police in the area
Darnell CHOSE to continue drinking and pass out at a friend’s house

But Grant had NO CHOICE in what happened he was just doing his job, taking down a license number. Grant did not confront Darnell he was walking away. Darnell made that CHOICE and took Grant’s life without a second thought.

The Justice System now needs to CHOOSE to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

It would be really nice to see even ONE post above that wasn't based on something these people read in the paper - or got from some other unrelieable source.
I have no problem with passion, or anger, but seriously - are you really going to post arguements on a public site based on RUMOURS... Out of respect for the families and friends of the victims, could you please research your facts before posting claims that could potentially harm them further.
If you hope your comments will be of ANY value it's the least you could do. These people have to deal with the reality of the situation which is devastating enough - they don't need YOU to elaborate their nightmare with 'gossipy' claims.

Len said...

I have to believe the entire country is outraged and sickened by such an inhuman act of irresponsibility by that waste of skin, Darnell Pratt. And if you aren't then you're part of the counterproductive group who advocate "criminals are the real victims" ideal. I can only hope this obvious criminal will meet his own agonizing demise when presented to the public. I know what some of you are thinking. "That's not the right answer". HEY, there is know right answer. The right answer went out the door when Pratt decided to waste an innocent life. There is only the comfort of knowing there would be one less hell spawn on Canadian soil.

Anonymous said...

i am a friend of Laurel.Price......she was my best friend. we grew up together and to this day im still broken that a beautiful woman was taken from this world. i hope karma comes to the ass hole who did this. n i know for a fact of what happened.R.IP my.beautiful friend.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Laurel Price as well. I sat next to her in one of my classes. She and her close friend she was always with, always treated me with respect and they we're very kind and funny. I wonder if her friend is you Anon...

I am very sorry this happened as I know her and her friend were extremely close. It was so shocking to hear about her passing that I couldn't even deal with it then. If her close friend "J" ever reads this, I'd like you to know I am sorry for not dealing with this better. I ran into you once outside footlocker and couldn't bring myself to mention it. I didn't know how to mention it. No one I knew ever passed away. I wish I had been there...things might have gone differently =/

Here I am in 2013 still affected. RIP Laurel, we weren't best friends but I'll never forget a cool classmate like you. Hope you are at peace in a better place and hopefully we meet again one day.