16 April 2007

Green Party MP wannabe...

Confuses uncouth with tough mindedness.

-- Ottawa -- Green Party Leader Elizabeth May lashed out yesterday at NDP counterpart Jack Layton for refusing to co-operate with her party in the next election...

"What the hell is wrong with Jack Layton that he can't answer a phone call?" asked Ms. May on CTV's Question Period.
Perhaps this outburst was meant to demonstrate that Lizzie can go a round or two with the big dogs... but she ended up coming off more like a bitter, alcohol-soaked ex-lover than the leader of a national political party.

I sure hope that's not her A-game.

She loves me... she loves me not
"I spoke with Kevin and realize this has been difficult for him. He is a community leader, a father and an engaged citizen. He plays a very helpful role in his community.

"However, his views are antithetical to Green Party values. We have irreconcilable differences. I will not sign his nomination papers and he will not be a Green Party candidate."
I wonder if she learned that from Steffi.

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