15 April 2007

I just don't understand...

Why Muslims, of all people, can't appreciate that "the rules are the rules."

-- Longueuil, Que. -- A Tae Kwon Do team of mainly Muslim girls withdrew from a tournament after they were barred from taking part with their hijabs, another example of the ongoing debate in Quebec about accommodating religious minorities.

“The equipment that is allowed under the world Tae Kwon Do federation rules doesn't include the hijab,” international referee Stephane Menard said Sunday.
That seems fairly clearcut to me. There is, of course, another larger consideration...
Quebec, a French minority within North America, considers itself a secular society that encourages immigrants to integrate into its francophone culture.
I appreciate that Muslims are supposed to live by a strict set of rules laid out in the Koran. What I don't understand is, why it's so hard for Muslim immigrants to appreciate that their new home might also have rules that have to be obeyed?

I mean, if everything is so peachy-keen and perfect in Muslim countries, why would anyone want to come to horrible, racist Canada anyway?

It's a mystery to me.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing about the hijab in the Koran. That's a personal choice.

The Muslims who actually wear the hijab, I would suspect, put their faith about civil law.

Anonymous said...

Why are Muslims wasting money teaching their cattle Tae Kwon Do anyhow? Muslim women might get a little too uppity for them if they let them learn such things. Female Muslim children should be lectured by North American feminists about their proper place in Islam, they could be told how happy they will be as one of 3 or 4 wives etc.

Neo Conservative said...

" Anonymous said... There's nothing about the hijab in the Koran. That's a personal choice."

True... although there are general prohibitions about women being displayed for men's eyes, interpreted by some as rules for women to be covered.

"Veiling as a social practice predates Islam. Depending on the wider social and political contexts, hijab's meanings, for Muslims as well as non-Muslims, have changed, sometimes dramatically".


Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... their cattle"

this spoils the point you were trying to make here.

true, i slam a certain faction of muslim extremists, but that's because of the senseless slaughter by these savage killers in the name of religion.

you can't simply pile all muslims, especially those who make a good faith attempt to embrace canada, into the extremist category.

an important point to remember.


Mark said...

Neo -- Interesting hidden point in anons comment if you ask me, the crassness of his "cattle" remark notwithstanding.

Here we have "moderate" Muslims learning tae kwon do, integrating with other Canadians... good stuff.

Why, however, are the females still being forced to wear the hijab? Yes, the hijab is a personal choice, but rarely for kids, as the parents make that choice for them in many cases.

So there is a gray line there with respect to what is extremism: Muslims who may not carry bombs to the dojo but also will not allow their daughters to remove the hijab.

Neo Conservative said...

mark said... "Interesting hidden point in anons comment"

mark... i did say he had a point, but by the shotgun spray tactic of referring to canadian muslim women as cattle... he likely offended and turned off a goodly number of people who might otherwise be willing to consider it.


Mark said...

Point taken, neo.

Now, do you care to comment on the seeming unwillingness of some members of the Islamic community to force the arguably misogynistic hijab on their daughters? Or where you tend to draw the line on what constitutes extremism?