14 April 2007

No "War on Anything" here

For anyone who has any doubts left whatsoever, about the Liberal neutered Justice system in Canada, I give you Madame Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson... appointed to the Federal Court of Canada in, note the date, January 2002.

An Egyptian terrorism suspect has been released from years of jail, but the Federal Court judge yesterday expressed strong security concerns and a lack of confidence in the man's main bail surety, his wife.

“There are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Jaballah was a senior member of Egyptian al-Jihad who acted as a communicator among terrorist cells of the AJ and al-Qaeda” during the time of the deadly 1998 al-Qaeda bombings in Africa.
So why, in this case, you have to ask yourself... did the judge then put Jaballah's wife in charge of securing his movement and communications.
Now released, Mr. Jaballah will find that his wife is effectively his warden. Yet the court has serious reservations about Husnah Al-Mashtouli.

She “previously lied to the court” about her husband's associations and travels, according to Judge Layden-Stevenson. “My confidence is lacking in relation to Ms. Al-Mashtouli,” she noted.
Defying any reasonable notion of common-sense, or showing the least regard for the security of ordinary citizens, Justice Layden-Stevenson has now set a wolf among the sheeple.

Move along folks... no War on Terror here.

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Anonymous said...

And this is just another pro Sharia-law Islamist that CAIR-Can supports and uses our own laws to spread Whahabi islam from Saudi Arabia , Sheema Khan from CAIR was at the Arar inquiry and willfully misled Justice O'Connor with her bogus "Islamophobia-Survey" and failure to mention that the 17 Muslims rounded-up by the RCMP
from "Racial profiling" were actually part of 26 Illegals with fake ID and bogus PassPorts or expired Visas .
They were legally Deported as I would have been if I entered the USA and decided not to leave , my race would not be the issue .
But now CAIR wants Standing at the 3 Alleged Terorists sent to Syria and this spell another LawSuit like the Arar case where Syria gets off the hook and Canada gives them money to finance Terror training camps in BC and Ontario .

Neo Conservative said...

these guys must just laugh at us as they manipulate their way through the justice system.

in their home countries, they would have already been put up against the wall and shot for fomenting treason.

oh, canada...


Anonymous said...

He should only be released on condition he lives with that judge.

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... He should only be released on condition he lives with that judge."

works for me.

it's the same principle that, if you really want to help some homeless street person... you take them home for dinner, or give them a job... not cash that immediately buys them another bottle, or their next fix.