25 April 2007

While we're at it...

Let's burn all the copies of Huckleberry Finn too...

Murals in the rotunda of the British Columbia Legislature depicting native women as bare breasted and native men as subservient will be taken down more than 70 years after they were painted.
Brought to you by the Liberal and New Democratic parties of British Columbia.

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Is good too.

Well, look who's boss.

After some 60 years of loyal service, Uncle Ben is being elevated from fictional cook to fictional CEO of the fictional Uncle Ben's Inc.

Mars, which owns the brand, is about to spend $20 million on a campaign to spread the news.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they should replace it with white construction workers building colleges for rich Asian students. It would be more appropriate for the times and extremely accurate.

Neo Conservative said...

"Adrian MacNair said... Maybe they should replace it with..."

interesting idea, but i'm afraid what they're looking for, is a reality entirely of their own making.


Anonymous said...

You one of the reason I so despise the left as a group, is that they are constantly trying to chnage stuff.

Names of streets, cities, regions...

The meanings of words.

God forbid we be reminded of history, good or bad.