13 April 2007

That sounds vaguely familiar...

"I do not have a choice... I have to collaborate.”
This brilliant political gambit is already paying huge dividends... for Stephen Harper.
"Is the deal between the Liberals and Green Party a bad thing for Canadian voters?"
And another...
What do you think about Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May working together to unseat Peter MacKay?


UPDATE: Dion facing Palace revolt?
A Liberal strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there is widespread anger at the deal in caucus, which Liberals feel could be used against them in a federal election.

The strategist said the decision was another strike against Dion, whose leadership has come into question in recent months.

LAST WORD: Could May be Dion's "Judas Goat"?

It's the only way this thing even remotely makes sense.
On the face of it, that makes it hard to jibe May's endorsement of Dion as her preferred choice for prime minister with the fact that her party will be running candidates against nearly 100 Liberal incumbents in the next campaign.

If that endorsement is as heartfelt at is sounded yesterday, she has now turned them into needless sacrificial lambs.

At the end of the day, the common interest of the Green and the Liberal parties in bringing down the NDP is as least as strong as their common concern for the environment.
Which might explain why Taliban Jack's kaffiyeh was in such a knot... at a very public "presser".

The article also got me thinking that, if this type of "deal" had occurred between May and the Prime Minister, the press would have been all over "Evil Puppetmaster" Harper and his diabolical master plan.

Interestingly, everyone, except perhaps Chantal Hebert, just assumes Dion is a lightweight who doesn't have the chops to get a couple moves ahead of the opposition.

Which sounds ominously like his death-knell to me.

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ian said...

What happens after the next election is the deal still on?
Will the Libs never run a candidate in Central Nova?
How many Greens will follow Briony and switch to the Libs anyway? Was that Dions masterplan?

Neo Conservative said...

"ian said... Was that Dions masterplan?"

even lefty lapdog robert fife just called it "bizarre" on national tv.

and i was thinkin' bob rae would have been a gift from heaven... did i ever call that one wrong.