22 April 2007

The myth of the cab-driving...

Foreign-born Neurosurgeon...

"Some of them are driving cabs because they don't pass the level of standard in Canada... just because we need more doctors doesn't mean we should lower our standards."

"Nobody ever talks about them being underqualified... the problem is not that we're not getting them into the system; the problem is they're flopping out."
I've always had my doubts about this latter day urban myth. Now someone in the know is finally, despite the politically correct paralysis gripping the nation, speaking up...
The failure rate for first-time IMGs between 2000 and 2005 was another 40 per cent.

What does that leave? "Not a lot," Lee said. "The number's not huge."

When pressed, Lee refuses to divulge the final number of foreign-trained doctors who actually make it through the funnelling system which weeds out those who can't hack it.

"I don't publish that mother of all stats," he said.

By contrast, Canadian students pass the exams at about a 97-per-cent rate, Lee said.
Something to think about, the next time your "progressive" friends start jawing about Canada's "racist" ways.

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Anonymous said...

Canada's unemployment numbers don't include immigrants who have not been here for 10 years yet. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

My Sisters next door neighbour is a vascular surgeon at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto..over drinks, he has told me horror stories of how little these foreign trained doctors know in certain critical areas...

One person who flunked out of basic gp was a cranial surgeon in Pakistan! Good Lord..would you want this man working on your head, when he can't even pass the muster for General practicioner?

Neo Conservative said...

the sad reality is that there are any number of countries in the third world, where anything, from child sex slaves to medical accreditation, can be bought for cash money.

standards testing for foreign trained professionals is critical... especially for doctors and nurses.

there was a nigerian-born pediatric cardiac surgeon out west some years back... who killed over a dozen babies during botched surgical procedures. nurses were breaking into hysterical fits and refusing to work in the o.r. and some actually went to parents and pleaded with them to take their kids to another surgeon.

the hospital ignored the nurses freaking out... because they didn't want to be seen as discriminating against a black man. finally so many bodies piled up, the media couldn't ignore it any longer.

if memory serves correctly, he left canada and set up shop in the united states after the shit hit the fan.

lucky them.


Anonymous said...

My sister-in-law teaches in a medical school in a third world country. Cheating is common, and the other professors just ignore it. She is constantly being asked to give passing grades when they didn't earn it. She gets pressure from colleagues to allow students to re-write exams and if she changes the exam it is considered unfair. It is quite a soap opera.

Neo Conservative said...

For anyone who needs an example of the kind of corruption that is endemic in the third world... from the Globe and Mail... April 19, 2007 at 2:50 PM EST

" -- NEW DELHI -- An Indian member of Parliament was arrested on Wednesday for trying to smuggle a woman and a boy on a flight to Canada by using the passports of his wife and son, officials said.

Babubhai Katara was stopped by immigration officials at New Delhi airport along with Paramjit Kaur, 30, and a 14-year-old boy identified as Amarjeet Singh.

"He tried to pass them off as his wife and child," police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said.

They were caught trying to board an Air-India flight to Toronto and detained by immigration officials, he said."