27 April 2007

Fiberal high-flier...

Goes down in flames.

27 Apr 23:30 - Just watched CTV news do a complete puff piece on Lafleur.

Sandie Rinaldo gravely intoned that, "Lafleur took money, for work of little or no value", somehow forgetting to mention that Lafleur was actually handed contracts worth tens of millions of dollars by his Liberal government friends... the only expectation being, that he kick back money to the Fiberals themselves.

No word on Lafleur making any sort of restitution.

Some hard-hitting reporting there, Sandie.

UPDATE: How much time at Club Fed...

Could you do for 12 million dollars?

Lafleur's company made some $65 million from government business from 1995 to 2003. During that time, he and several family members collected nearly $12 million in salaries and bonuses.

Justice John Gomery's report into the sponsorship scandal found Lafleur cultivated contacts in the federal Liberal party that "contributed to what may be described as a financial bonanza for Jean Lafleur and his family."

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Anonymous said...

He'll be a free man in less than six months - a 1.5 million dollar free man. Liberal corruption is a good deal for a select few.