20 April 2007

Never mind Empire...

Should Brits worry about the country itself flying apart?

Following hard on the heels of a reported shift to the right in French politics, the United Kingdom is apparently coming to a fork in the road on its immigration policy...

Immigration could lead to the political break-up of Britain, according to think-tank Civitas.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said: "We know that unchecked immigration is putting pressure on housing and local services. "Now this report shows that its effects are potentially even more serious."

"Given the limited number of schools, hospitals and houses, the government must apply a limit on the amount of people entering the country," he concluded.

Ministers had also announced a new tough Australian-style points system for immigrants, he added.
The report warns of a "tipping point", beyond which it conjures up a very chaotic situation...
"Once such a point is reached, political disintegration may be predicted to be not long in following," the report said.

RELATED: 22 Apr - Sarkozy blows the doors off socialist Ségolène Royal
Mr. Sarkozy appeared to hold a clear advantage. Preliminary results from the Interior Ministry, based on a count of 21 million votes — or more than 50 per cent — had him leading with 30 per cent, followed by Royal with 24 per cent.
Once Sarkozy picks up Le Pen's 11 percent hard right support, this one should be a lock.

Au revoir Commie Mommie.

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