26 April 2007

Where's Mark Holland...

When you really need him?

The grants were given to some groups with apparent Liberal ties and without a formal application process.

Critics also questioned how an animal welfare and baseball group qualified for funds aimed at helping new immigrants settle into the province.
Funny... Mark Holland tries to portray himself as a corruption-fighter... someone who will sniff out wrongdoing.

Well, if this program doling out taxpayer money without any oversight to Liberal friendly groups doesn't stink to high heaven... I don't know what does.

Not only that... Dalton's gang is using their majority to stop the Ontario auditor general from investigating.

Again... it's our money... their friends.

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Anonymous said...

I saw his picture on a Milk carton with a 1-800 # , the discription was

Height - 2 inches
Weight - 0 lbs
Eyes - beady
Skin - yellow

Physical identities
: No spine
Mouth always open
Possible foot in mouth when
not talking.

Anonymous said...

Liberal corruption damages the province and country. Friends of the Liberal Party enjoy the corruption and they campaign hard for the Party all the time, but they're like thieves and have no loyalty to Canada.