20 April 2007

Justice - Aboriginal style - again...

LATEST GESTURE: Oh yeah, that'll solve things...

"CN has obtained an injunction from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice that has been served on the protesters by the sheriff's department requiring them to dismantle the blockade forthwith," said CN Rail spokesman Mark Hallman.

Hey, big surprise... another aboriginal terrorist action.
The train tracks at Deseronto Road, west of Kingston, have once again been blocked by a group of people who police said are affiliated with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.
Just listening on the local radio station to professional spokes-native Shawn Brant trying to justify closing down the CN tracks at Deseronto.

Brant was spouting the usual "we are victims" argle-bargle about the racist Canadian regime... while his band of merry men was shutting down all rail traffic between Toronto and points east.

A spokesman for CN came on and was very careful not to offend native sensibilities by mentioning the effect on commuters, or the cost to businesses waiting for just-in-time shipments. Wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, would we.

Funny... no one available to comment from the OPP.



UPDATE: Speak OPP, speak...

Just heard a Napanee OPP constable on radio station CJBQ say that the CN rail lands are, "the jurisdiction of the CN police".

Whew, that was a close one guys... see you back at the Tims.

Here's the party line from the OPP...
"Currently the situation is peaceful," police said in a news release around 8 a.m. "The O.P.P. and the C.N. Police are working closely together.

The O.P.P. are at the scene rerouting traffic around the blockade."
So much for "law enforcement". Well, I guess we'll have to settle for traffic cops.

No problem here... move along folks.


RELATED: Occupation and thievery...

First they shut down and occupy a private business... then they start stealing the inventory.
Mohawk demonstrators make no apologies about trucking gravel out of the Thurlow Aggregates site for use on driveways and potholes on the Tyendinaga reserve, says one protester.

Demonstrators have been using their own equipment to truck some of the existing gravel to benefit people on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, said Jason Maracle, who has been on the scene since the occupation began March 22.
So where are the OPP and Tyendinaga police on this?

The protest blockade at Deseronto is a decidedly laid-back affair, as shown in this photo from Loyalist Pioneer's Christopher Clarke.

Here, Tyendinaga Mohawk Police Senior Const. Marcel Maracle, left, relaxes with protest organizer Shawn Brant as the pair waited for a pot of corn soup to heat over the campfire.
I guess we know why nobody's getting arrested.

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Anonymous said...

I know what would get them off the tracks . . . the sound of belt-fed.

Neo Conservative said...

never happen in politically correct canada... even under a harper government.

remember... the government let a cop-killer walk at oka.


Anonymous said...

The OPP needs to be disbanded and split into local or regional forces that respond to their policing needs instead of Queen's Park.

Neo Conservative said...

i was so sure julian fantino was gonna turn things around... maybe i was wrong.


Kai_Wolf said...

These idiots never do this in the winter. Its funny how they come out of the woodwork like cockroaches all of sudden when the weather gets better, in early Spring with Summer ahead.

Mike said...

Kai_Wolf said... These idiots never do this in the winter.

Well, they aren't that dumb Kai .... they enjoy creature comforts too ...

What did you expect, they'd live in the cold like their ancestors or somethin' ??

I'm glad they chose the tracks instead of the bridge ... The fact they are on federal jurisdiction just might force someone to do something about it.

A couple of things about that picture ... funny how it was captured by (i'm assuming here) a "student journalist" ... not one of the paid variety.... and talk about sleeping with the enemy !!

Neo Conservative said...

"mike said... A couple of things about that picture ... funny how it was captured by (i'm assuming here) a "student journalist"

no more soup for him, i bet.


saga said...

Neo: Re "The government let a cop killer walk at Oka."

I always wondered why it took them 5 years to do the ballistics on the bullet that killed Corporal LeMay, and then it was quietly released as "inconclusive".
Don't you wonder why it took them that long?

Then I heard that it was a US issue bullet. There were some of thier special ops around. Corporal LeMay had not endeared himself to them because ... well there were these two murders of traditional aboriginal men and Corporal LeMay had reopened the investigation ... hmmm ... food for thought, eh?

And Mike ... "enemy"? Are we at war? When did they become "enemy" ... or have you just always viewed them that way?

Neo Conservative said...

"saga said... I always wondered why it took them 5 years "

but check out "saga", posting as "on", forgetting that he had already tried out this particular conspiracy theory on an earlier post...

ON said...

Corporal LeMay died from a US issue bullet. This was revealed 5 years later. If there had been any hint that it came from a Mohawk gun, they would have charged someone. However, there were US personnel there too, and they had reason to want to silence LeMay: Because he had just reopened an investigation into the deaths of two traditional Mohawk men.

8:57 AM, April 02, 2007

Of course, Neo Conservative then replied...

please enlighten us... what is a "US issue bullet". how does one determine the nationality of a bullet anyway?

- bullets have a calibre, a manufacturer, a shape and a weight.

- a .223 remington bullet goes into any .223 rifle.

- a .223 "US issue bullet" would fire just fine from any canadian, or australian for that matter, .223 rifle.

pls elaborate on the "five years later" part as well.

your statements are nonsense.

your ahem, theory... that corporal lemay was murdered because he was about to uncover u.s. sponsored murders of aboriginals is similarly spectacularly idiotic.

i can only say, that some "unspecified americans" shooting lemay in the face as he attempted to move in on armed mohawks at the oka barricades belongs on the "Dick Cheney fired a cruise missile at the Pentagon" conspiracy page.

in future, you might want to stay in the "alien abduction" end of the pool.

10:38 AM, April 02, 2007

game, set and match saggy...

please take your multiple blogger profiles and go troll somewhere else.


Kai_Wolf said...

"Enemy"? Are we at war? When did they become "enemy" ... or have you just always viewed them that way?

No, its the other way around. Why do you think that they are doing this, because they are our friends? They are the perpetual victims and we are considered the enemy, the evil conquering white man who "took their land" and now they want to "take it back".

No, these are just a bunch of face covering wannabe thugs playing at being "warriors". If governments continue to allow these miscreants liscence to carry on these activities because they are afraid of a backlash, it will only embolden them.

Caledonia is a prime example and hardly the first, nor will it be that last as in this case. No more negotiations, no more toothless court orders; we've done enough of that already to no affect. It is only going to get worse. This needs to be crushed now before it gets out of hand like Caledonia currently is.