21 April 2007

If you're a copper...

And some guy tells you he's gonna rob a bank... aren't you under some sort of obligation to keep an eye on him and maybe try to prevent it?

If you've been following the aboriginal rail blockade in Deseronto, in Eastern Ontario this week, you might not necessarily come to that conclusion.

Shawn Brant, fresh off a major disruption of Canada's busiest rail corridor, is promising more of what he likes to call, "economic disruptions" to Canadian citizenry and infrastructure alike... in the near future.

"Believe it or not, it was the first soft step of the campaign," said Shawn Brant around 8 a.m., two hours after the group removed a school bus blocking the tracks. "We have identified three different targets, and we will escalate the degree of severity as is necessary."
Bear in mind this is the very same Shawn Brant who had a spot of trouble with the local constabulary just a little while ago...
-- DESERONTO -- Charged with three counts of uttering death threats are Shawn Michael Brant, 42, of Tyendinaga.
But, you might ask, "Don't the police have to have pretty specific cause before they start keeping tabs on private citizens"?

Well, the enthusiastic, but apparently not especially bright Mr. Brant has obligingly and very publicly announced his criminal intent to the mainstream media...
Those targets are the railway, provincial highways and the town of Deseronto, Brant said as he puffed on cigarettes at the gravel quarry that is the heart of the dispute

The next target has been selected already and plans for the action are being finalized, he said.
I suspect Mr. Brant is feeling quite pleased with himself for the moment... after shutting down, occupying and looting a private gravel pit operation and then, in short order, facing down one of the largest corporate entities in Canada... with absolutely no legal consequences to himself, or his band of criminal brothers.

Not too surprisingly, the aboriginal police force seems to have taken Mr. Brant's side of things... going as far as to join him for refreshments at his illegal siege.

Although I have heard from a reliable source, that local OPP line officers are not very happy about having to stand by and watch these miscreants flouting the law, apparently those higher up the chain of command have no such issues...
"No arrests have been made at this point", said Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kristine Rae.

"We’re pleased that it was a peaceful resolution."
Peaceful, of course, until the day it isn't.

LAST WORD: I have a theory...
... about danger and risk-taking... it goes something like this...

Doing something stupid, or dangerous is like playing the lottery... the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of "winning the jackpot".

Right now, Shawn Brant is on a hysterical spending spree. He's won a few small prizes and now he has gambling fever...

With all the tickets he's been buying lately, I'm guessin' Mr. Brant is due for a big win. And as soon as he oversteps and engages the OPP, or another similar body in his much touted "violent confrontation"... he may find he has hit the jackpot.

Just my two cents.

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Concerned said...

I'm quite sure that Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kristine Rae's sense of pleasure is heading for a very unpleasurable downhill slide in the very near future. And I'm quite sure she knows it.

Lemon said...

Can't wait til they try and block the 401 when some guy in a semi
driving from Winnipeg straight through to Montreal with a load of bricks.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this type of illegal behavior will continue until the majority of canadians get fed up with it. These protesters know that the police will do nothing because their political masters are afraid of the consequences. Utlimately a price will be paid and i really hope that it is in the form of denying aboriginal bands who participate in these illegal acts, any and all money the canadian taxpayer continues to waste on them.
If i was an aboriginal i would relish these confrontations because i know that nothing will happen to me. I'm just waiting for the match that will ignite everything and result in these criminals reaping their just rewards.

Anonymous said...

Economic Disruption?

Sounds like the PC version of Terrorism to me..

Chris said...

Honestly this is pretty ridiculous that these people haven't been arrested at this point. They should be arrested, and taken to trail. If they resist arrest then forcibly subdue them. No one is above the law.

Anonymous said...

Shoot them.

Neo Conservative said...

when my son was little and had the occasional meltdown, i would scoop him up and head for the bedroom and lie us both down and just hold him with me until he fell asleep...

usually he was tired anyway and that's why he was freaking... but the point is he learned that if he lost it... it was suddenly no fun naptime.

the terrible twos passed relatively quickly.

brant and his thugs are learning they can break the law with impunity... and that will only beget more lawlessness.

basically mcguinty's teaching him and his native buddies that there's no downside to being a thug.

and we'll all pay for that.


Mike said...

You want to take bets on how it plays out ....
take yourself back to 1990.. substitute golf course for gravel pit

Wanna watch it all play out ... you can... the links are on my page.

I like clip 7 best ....

It's a scene of hysteria, pandemonium and high tension as more than 2,500 soldiers descend upon Oka.

Neo Conservative said...

mike... thx for the linx

saga said...

Do any of you know what this means?
It is part of a rather important Canmadian law ... the Constitution .

"Recognition of existing aboriginal and treaty rights

35. (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed."

In addition, the Federal government has already acknowledged that the Tyendinaga Mohawks have valid claim to the land. Seems to me that should be the end of it. However, they end up in exactly the same position as Six Nations: The feds refuse to acknowledge their title and instead, want to buy them off for a fraction of the value of the land.

Trouble is, it is about thirty years too late for the feds to get away with that. They are only interested in the land ... their land.

And they are well within the law to deny Canada access across their land. From Canadians, The gove expropriates land and pays compensation. From aboriginals, Canada just 'assumes' ownership. You see, if they paid them any compensation, they would be recognizing their land rights, which Canada finds it more convenient to ignore.

It is very similar to a situation where one slimeperson tricks a person into signing over their property and affairs 'in trust' but the trust is not honoured - i.e., the slimeperson 'assumes' ownership and builds a parking lot on it, or whatever.

It is called a scam.

It defines Canada's entire relationship with Indigenous people, which has been one big scam.

Better get used to the blockades!!

Anonymous said...

I can see that saga continues to spew the same old native bullshit about the evil white man and the great Canadian scam. The recent events are little more than an attempt to steal
valuable property for their own purpose. There is no noble cause here only greed of a few aboriginals who cloud everything in the fog of oppression by the bad european occupiers.
We certainly can get used to blockades, can you get used to having to earn a living without living off Canadian taxpayers. I seriously doubt it, so get used to increasingly stronger reactions until honest hard working aboriginals decide that they had enough of your destructive activism .

Neo Conservative said...

"saga said... It is part of a rather important Canmadian law ... the Constitution"

gotta love the sheer hypocrisy here... one minute, aboriginal peoples are screaming how they are not canadians and don't have to recognise canadian laws... the next minute, they're quoting it back to you... chapter and verse.

sorry saga... you don't get to have it both ways.

not in the real world.


Anonymous said...

The OPP needs to be disbanded and split into local and regional forces that will respond to local crimes instead of responding to cowardly Queen's Park politicians.

Dolton McLiar is going to have to do more than just raise taxes, since the aboriginals are getting away with extortion so easily, they'll demand bigger and bigger payoffs for 'peace'.

More 'health taxes' coming your way - guaranteed.

granny said...

Just want to clarify ... I am not they ... I am (Irish)Canadian.

I think Canada should obey it own laws, especially the Constitution.

That seems a pretty Canadian thing to do.

The Supreme Court says they have a right to "consultation and accommodation" for any use of their traditional lands.
It's different now ... This is the Constitution just beginning to be implemented.

Neo Conservative said...

"granny said... I think Canada should obey it own laws..."

yup, me too.

especially the laws that don't permit blockading an entire town for 15 months, seizing private property by force, cutting a trench across a public highway with a backhoe and burning down a bridge and a hydro-electric substation.

and that's just caledonia.

the mohawks shot a cop dead at oka and they have seized an aggregate company in deseronto and are threatening to blockade the town.

i could go on, but that oughta be enough for now.

what's that you were saying about the law?