23 April 2007

Someone at the EU...

Was riffling through a world atlas... and suddenly the excrement hits the air-conditioning.

I can imagine the mindless, scurrying panic... "Yumpin' yimminy Olaf, they're right over there!!!"

EU foreign ministers have agreed to implement sanctions against Iran after its refusal to halt uranium enrichment. The sanctions go further than those already agreed by the United Nations.

The EU has agreed to a total arms embargo, and added further people to the travel ban list - they are banned from the EU and their assets are frozen.
It's way past time these nanny-state peace-suckers realised that Madman Ahmadinejad, currently mesmerised by both the return of the "Hidden Imam" and his pounding nuclear erection... ain't necessarily gonna be playing by their rules.

That's right you goddamn Euroweenies... black rain.


We'll just rewrite the rules says EU

It's a perfect Euroweenie soulution. If Iran won't comply, we'll just rewrite the rules until they're in "full compliance."
One of the diplomats said recognition by the United States and its allies that Iran would never accept their earlier demand of a full freeze dictated a decision to contemplate “a new definition of enrichment” that would allow Tehran to keep some of its program intact without actually turning out enriched material.

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James Higham said...

Yes, it all bears thinking about, doesn't it?