20 April 2007

Shssssh... it's a secret

Go to CTV.ca and you'll see the title for an article that reads, "Demonstrators block Ontario rail crossing"... but wait a minute... something's not quite right.

Oh shoot... looks like they forgot to mention it wasn't seniors supporting "leash laws" or something like that... it was another illegal "aboriginal blockade"... of the most heavily travelled rail corridor in Canada.

Boy... are they ever gonna be embarrassed.

Native blockaders blink...

But Shawn Brant promises more criminal activity will follow.

“I don't think they should expect an apology,” said Mr. Brant, who suggested the blockade was prompted by government inaction on the Mohawk's land claim.

Mr. Brant vowed that the occupation of the quarry would continue and that the group would mount further protests. “The disruption on the CN line was a first in a series of economic disruptions, the first in a campaign,” he said.

“We've been occupying the quarry and we have said we will never relinquish it... we will use it as a staging ground for further action.”
And why wouldn't he be willing to do it again and again... if he gets to walk away scot-free here.
Sgt. Kristine Rae, a spokeswoman for the Ontario Provincial Police, said the tracks are being inspected before rail traffic is allowed to resume.

Although the injunction ordered the protesters off the rail tracks and stated anyone who didn't comply would be arrested, Sgt. Rae said no arrests were made.
It's a dynamic a toddler would understand.

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Anonymous said...

CITY-Tv was just as bad, I clicked on the video for the story and all the shots were from Union Station.
Plus , the CBC report for the Journalist attack for his articles in a Pro Indo-Canadian paper failed to focus on the fact that the attackers were Muslims trying to silence him , and at the end of the clip he blames Canada for fooling him into believing he would be safe here from Terrorists.

Typical CBC , even a Mosque linked to a radical Imam suspected of inciting the attack had a Cleric say that these are only "Allegations" so lets wait for the whole truth about this death threat to show who is behind it.
Too bad these idiots at the Mosque never seem to wait when they blame vandalism on Islamophobes and red-neck bigots , this when not one piece of evidence is collected to prove the religion of the vandal.

Anonymous said...

Media is flagrantly biased in this country. Disgusting.