22 April 2007

My beads... are holier than...

Your beads.

-- BAGHDAD -- Gunmen in northern Iraq stopped a bus filled with Christians and members of a tiny Kurdish religious sect, police said, separating out the groups and taking 23 of the passengers away to be shot.

Police said the execution-style killings of the Yazidis — a primarily Kurdish sect that worships an angel figure considered to be the devil by some Muslims and Christians — appeared to be in response to the stoning death of a Yazidi woman who had recently converted to Islam.
And the beat goes on.


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Canadian troopers suck it up in Af'stan...
Sun-baked and coated with dust, they slumped into the cool shade of an underground bunker complete with electric lighting, bunk beds and even a freezer — luxury compared with the flea-ridden swatch of desert in southern Helmand province where many have slept under the stars since late February.

“Where we were, in Helmand, it's quite a bit more austere,” said Capt. James Leslie. “My soldiers haven't seen drinking water colder than the shade since February . . . there's even water frozen stiff; it's a nice touch.”

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Anonymous said...

Liberal socialists in Western countries firmly believe government should be handed over to these executioners because they long for the good old days when Saddam slaughtered thousands and we never had to hear them scream.