11 April 2007

Here's another reason...

Why you don't trust shitheel junkies... EVER...

Anyone who is a regular reader here, already knows how I feel about so-called "safe injection" sites.

This is just another brick in the wall...

A mother whose baby son died from an overdose of the heroin substitute methadone has pleaded guilty to causing his manslaughter by gross negligence.

In October, the court was told that Mitchell, whose parents were both said to be heroin addicts, was given methadone to keep him quiet
Where is the justice for this murdered child?
Granting Fennelly bail, the Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Peter Fox said: "You should understand my giving you bail now is no indication whatsoever of your sentence on 3 May."
Obviously not anywhere around here.

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James Higham said...

What to do with these people, I don't know.

Neo Conservative said...

"james higham said... What to do with these people, I don't know."

i do.

offer them, one time only and totally voluntarily... 5,000 dollars, pounds, euros, whatever... an offer contingent on condition they visit a government run clinic for a vasectomy, or tubal ligation.

it'll certainly be cheaper than all the future harm they would cause society as well as their unborn children... and they can use the money to get clean (yeah, right) or to take the big trip on the "marrakesh express"... which again, as citizens of a democracy, is totally in their hands.

problem solved.