11 April 2007

Aboriginal entrepreneurial spirit...

Is alive and well.

I wish I could truthfully say the same for their customer base...

Cheap native-made cigarettes can contain dirt, metal filings and other unsavoury ingredients mixed in with the chemical stew of 4,200 chemicals found in all smokes, according to an analysis done by the federal Ministry of Revenue.

"They are pretty dangerous already," said Emily Hall of the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit, adding the cheap smokes are often made with tobacco swept from the floor of cigarette manufacturing plants and sold illegally at clandestine auctions.

Hall said the revenue ministry analysed the cheap smokes and found metal filings, along with dirt and wooden-like pieces of tobacco plant stems.
Funny, the "poisoned pet food" scandal has been getting screaming headlines for weeks... but the first I hear of this is from our small local paper. What's up with that?

Any idea how much federal funding, aka "taxpayer dollars", have been funnelled into this elaborate "bait and switch" scheme ? Me neither.

Will Health Canada be suing these sub-standard manufacturers, to recoup the cost of treating the people who have been poisoned?

All good questions, but don't hold your breath.

RELATED: In the comments, stopthedrugwar said...
And when you said "who else would have thought of it" makes you racist.
You know what, STDW?

Here's a far better example of splitting people up, on the basis of... say -- race...
-- DALHOUSIE, N.B. -- Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre is calling on the federal government to build a Canadian Forces base for native soldiers.

"I think that we have to show sensitivity since Canada is also composed of first nations," Mr. Coderre said yesterday.
Stand by for Dummy Coderre's latest strokes of genius... the first completely segregated Tamil, Paraplegic and Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered Bases in the Canadian military establishment.

Because it's all about showing sensitivity.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to do something about this smoking health hazard. You're taking on an entrenched power i.e. native entrepeneurs employing native people on a native reserve where the majority of Canadian laws do not apply!

Last time I checked you cannot sue a native person residing on a reserve in a civil Canadian court.

Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice does not need this kind of bad press so the political route is also probably a dead end.

Its up to the buyer and last time I checked the buyer does not care so I expect this issue will "blow over".

Mike said...

This is something I've wondered about for years ....

I also wonder where are those big profits going ? Not to fund those protesters (and maybe some fancy weapons ??)in Caledonia and Deseronto, would they ?

Neo Conservative said...

well, at minimum, you have to give the natives "points for creativity." it's a brilliant, if somewhat selfish and dangerous hustle.

who else would have thought of taking the contaminated orts and leavings of a known poison... and selling them at a discount to addicts... native and non-native alike... who constitute a very unsympathetic demographic and in addition, are desperate to keep the tap flowing.

of course, we the taxpayer end up footing the bill for the resultant health problems.

but then, it was always thus.



Anonymous said...

Then you will all be really pleased to know that Indian Tax exemption on Tobacco costs the Country almost 3/4 of a billion in fraudelently rebated exemptions each year. Most of it in Ontario and BC.

Anonymous said...

These people have found a market that was created by the government's over taxation of cigarettes. The idea of recouping costs from people being poisoned is ridiculous. The government is making hand over fist on the cig tax.
That the taxpayers have to pay for the addicts, then the taxpayers should have a say over what they put in their bodies. That's also baloney.
Neo conservative's got it all wrong. And when you said "who else would have thought of it" makes you racist. "Unsympathetic demographic" shows your lack of compassion.

Anonymous said...

While it is proven cigarettes can kill you, pet food in not supposed to.
Also, anytime anyone not native tries to bring up any issue we are told we are interfering in their affairs.

Neo Conservative said...

"stopthedrugwar said... you are a racist"

yup... you know they're truly bereft of ideas when they thump down the race card... but hell, you never know... it worked for O.J.

kathy shaidle had a bit recently...

"Mocking political correctness hasn't worked either so don't suggest that for the millionth time. The only solution is to refuse to apologize to professional victims, ever. Even if they're right. I can't think of another way to cut off their food/air/water supply."

so anyway... you're good with aboriginals selling this contaminated tobacco because the regular stuff is overtaxed? oh right... no quality control in the coke and heroin market either... so, i guess to you, this is no big deal.

hey stopthedrugwar... go have another hit on the bong... it ain't like you're making any sense here anyway.


Anonymous said...

Re Denis Coderre's master plan for native armed forces bases. Once again Liberals presume to tell us what we think and tell us what we want without once asking a single one of us.

While serving 8 years in the CAF reserves I met and worked with many aboriginals. Some I would call the best soldiers I ever met. Others I would call trusted friends and respected colleagues. Not a single one of them ever expected special treatment or special priveleges. All any of them expected was to be treated no better or worse than anyone else.

The CAF is certainly the most colour blind institution in Canada. They will pin medals and badges of rank on you based on what you do, not what you are. They will also kick your ass based on what you do, not what you are.

I would think it a safe wager that Denis Coderre did not discuss with any CAF personnel,native or not, their thoughts on this issue. Thank God we have the Liberals to do our thinking for us.

Anonymous said...

Denis Coderre has established his credentials as a moron, he should be told that there's no reason for him to keep proving it.