09 April 2007

Racial Profiling

*** It pisses people off... because it works ***

Never mind that more black men in the USA are currently behind bars than enrolled in college or university... the New York Civil Rights Coalition wants to kill a special mentoring program that directly addresses the issue.

“I think this is a form of racial profiling in the public school system,” said the coalition’s executive director, Michael Meyers.

“What they’re doing here, under the guise of helping more boys, is they’re singling them out and making them feel inferior or different simply because of their race and gender.”
Well, actually... it's improving grades and aiming to keep a generation of "high risk" individuals out of jail. Just as importantly, it's giving them a shot at a college education... but don't let that stop you from trying to kill it, you politically correct naysayer.

I am not a fan of quotas, or so-called "affirmative action", but this issue is threatening to become an epidemic that will swamp civil society in North America.

An important difference here is that the target demographic, young black men, is not simply being handed jobs despite lack of qualification... they are being given the means to achieve those qualifications themselves.

Note to the leftbot alliance -- before calling me a racist... try actually reading the article.

It's past time to find a solution. This works.

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Blackstone said...

But if those black youngsters are kept out of jail, who will be the fodder for race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?!

Neo Conservative said...

please, please... the last thing you want to do is get me started on al "showbiz" sharpton.