17 April 2007

Because you can't legislate sanity

Hey Globe and Mail... way to not exploit a tragedy...

In light of the horrific shootings at a university in Virginia, which claimed dozens of lives, does Canada need to enact stricter gun controls to prevent similar incidents here?
Apparently though... readers weren't biting.

Still, not even near as crass and blatant as Lloyd Robertson's bogus-reverential prologue to the CTV News program's photo-montage finale... that featured police officers unceremoniously carting an apparently lifeless body away from some buildings.

Top that... oh ye exploitative merchants of grief.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of more gun control (U.S. already has thousands of federal and state gun laws on the books), why not respect the existing concealed-carry permits of teachers and students on campus, instead of making them check their guns with security.

This "gun free zone" idea only makes schools gun free for the law-abiding, it obviously doesn't stop psychopaths.

You'll never stop these wackos from shooting up, but if there's a good guy nearby with his/her own gun and basic training, at least the victims have a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

In a campus shooting at Apallachian College in 2002 a student got his handgun and ended it by covering the perp while others jumped him.

He is in jail.

Blackadder said...

The Globe and Mail hasn't quite become the easily ignorable laughingstock the CBC is (Margaret Wente often saves them from that), but the day may not be far off.