13 April 2007

Genealogy Friday 2

Anyone doing genealogy online knows about Rootsweb.com.

For those just starting their family research, I'd like to point to their searchable "WorldConnect Project" database.

Worldconnect is an ongoing compilation of over 400,000 user-submitted genealogy projects... encompassing a mind-boggling 487,539,113 surnames, which allows you to actually talk to the person who put up the data.

You can also submit your own research, which lets relatives worldwide get in touch with you. I recommend it highly, but as always... this is the internet, so "trust but verify" all information.

Best of all it's free. Happy hunting.

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Mike said...

I knew about rootsweb, but I didn't know about this ... thanks Neo.

BTW, they already have my direct lineage back to 1786. Nothing I didn't know already, but i think that's pretty good.

Other parts of my family will be filled in, fast, i'm sure.

Neo Conservative said...

that's the beauty of worldconnect... you get to make contact with other interested relatives and correct and backfill each others' data.

and usually there is something to be corrected... imagine a rumour getting messed up, not between a group of friends... but over, say... a hundred years.


Lemon said...

The problem is (I always notice prblems) that the data on the site is horrible.
I likely have spent more time fact checking than I have researching in using the site.
That being said, it is a useful place to start.

Neo Conservative said...

"Brian Lemon said... The problem is (I always notice prblems) that the data on the site is horrible."

it's not the data, per se, that is the problem... it's the number of people who, instead of doing research, grab up someone elses' gedcom file and without checking it, mindlessly republish it as their own.

stay away from people who have identical syntax and no sources for their material.