13 April 2007

You play with fire...

There's a pretty good chance you're gonna get scorched.

-- ATLANTA -- U.S. health officials are recommending wider use of a new drug to treat gonorrhea because the sexually transmitted disease is steadily becoming resistant to the long-time standard antibiotic.

The CDC estimates that more than 700,000 people in the United States acquire gonorrhea each year through sexual contact. It is the second most commonly reported infectious disease in the United States, the infectious disease society says.

The highest rates of infection are among sexually active teens, young adults and African Americans.
It would be pointless to simply put up a prohibition against people, especially people I have fathered, being interested in sex, but with all due respect to the CDC... I'm gonna recommend an alternative remedy here.

"Don't sleep around like an ownerless mutt."

That oughta take care of 95% of new cases right there.

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Mike said...

From Capital xtra ... a rag I wouldn't usually quote from, but this is classic.

Long waits, hassles at sex clinic

It feels like a tongue twister to say what I'm there for: STI testing.

I feel like I've managed my sexual health risks well in the past, but that doesn't mean I'm not freaked out.

A month-long wait before an appointment plus three weeks waiting for results: who has the willpower to wait almost eight weeks when the urge strikes?

I say ... you wouldn't have to worry about such things .....

if you don't act like a skank.

Neo Conservative said...

"Mike said... From Capital xtra ... a rag I wouldn't usually quote from, but this is classic."

yup... if you're a smoker and you get lung cancer... don't cry to me.

same thing with your johnson... take care of it yourself... cause if it turns green and drops off... that's not my problem.


Anonymous said...

STD's will at least increase sterility rates among this group, as long as no public dollars get wasted in the future trying to help these people breed, no problem.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... increase sterility rates among this group"

malthus would say, "let's at least bump hip replacements and cancer patients ahead of anybody who has the clap."