27 April 2007

The wheels on the taxpayer...

Go round and round...

The Necessary Angel Theatre Company received a gift of $50,925 of our money!

Was that necessary for the well being of Torontonians? Probably no more so than the $2,000 for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, the $3,500 we gave Solo Chicken Productions, the $10,000 that went to the Toronto Fashion Incubator, the $4,000 to the Toronto Free Gallery (not free for us), the $4,500 to the Troubled Souls (troubled taxpayers) or the $29,389 to the Vermont Square Parent-Child Mother Goose Program. The Storytellers School of Toronto got $18,850. Stranger Theatre got $3,500, the Hardworkin' Homosexuals were awarded $4,000, Friends of Fort York $15,000, The Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network was in for more than $108,000, the YYZ Artists Outlet got $65,000, $27,000 was earmarked for Toronto's First Post Office and the Parent Action on Drugs got $27,950.
Pony up Toronto... because David Miller says so!!!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't I recently read something about this, to the effect that they are now preventing the full list from being published?
Surely, there has to be ONE PERSON who has access to that list, (and a computer, to post it on your blog?)

Neo Conservative said...

there's a link to the list right in my post... see "pony up toronto."


Anonymous said...

Torontonians deserve massive tax increases, hopefully Mayor Miller will deliver.