27 April 2007

With apologies to Jeopardy...

What well-known public figure pursued an agenda of...

"exclusiveness, racial superiority, injustice and arrogance while trying to destabilize Poland".
Well, according to Farhan Mujahid Chak, the federal Liberals' candidate in Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont... the answer is not, as one might expect, Adolph Hitler... but Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

And exactly who is Farhan Mujahid Chak?

Surprise, surprise... turns out he was Edmonton campaign manager for Stephane Dion's Liberal leadership bid.

Is there any divisive, outrageous fear-monger the Fiberals won't cosy up to these days? Chak is apparently a very popular person in the Muslim community these days, as he runs around spreading his poison.
Asked about his charge the Tories' have a philosophy of "racial superiority," he says, "Believe it or not, the Conservatives I've met in Edmonton are very racist."
Strangely though, Mr. Chak may not be as wildly enthusiastic about gun control as the rest of his fellow fiberals...
And there are questions around a 1993 shooting incident at a local club in which an Edmonton man named Farhan Mujahid Chak, then 19-- which would make him the same age as the Liberal candidate -- was charged with use of a firearm during commission of an offence and possession of an illegal weapon. (The candidate did not respond to requests for clarification on the charges.)
Yet another stellar choice by Steffi and friends.

UPDATE: Where's Steffi on racist gun-nut Lib?
"Erratic behavior and extremism have no place in Canadian politics, and yet the Liberals have nominated an individual who appears to be guilty of both," said Kenney.

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Anonymous said...

He should state emphatically and for the record whether or not he thinks the Prime Minister is trying to destabilize Poland.

Who knew but him eh?

Neo Conservative said...

well... it's beginning to look suspicious.

how do we know the prime minister didn't really send chretien to boris yeltsin's funeral, to negotiate a secret non-aggression treaty with the russians?

this could all be a prelude to a canadian blitzkreig on france.

and i don't know about the troops, but god knows i'd succumb to the slightest indicement to torture french citizens, or even anyone remotely connected to france.