26 April 2007

Waiting for the explosion

In Deseronto.

-- Local News - Thursday, April 26, 2007 @ 10:00 -- "My personal feeling is that we're sitting on a ticking time bomb."
So says Deseronto Mayor Norm Clark. At a public meeting where residents aired concerns about personal safety and plummetting property values, Clark was doing his best to calm peoples fears.

The biggest problem is those fears are entirely reasonable. Look at who they're dealing with.

He also had a cautionary message for the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte...
Clark told the public Tuesday evening that Deseronto council has encouraged the MBQ band council to come out more strongly against incidents such as the railway blockade.
Unfortunately, Chief R. Donald Maracle apparently subscribes to "the dog ate my homework" school of governance.
The chief of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ) is worried about losing public support, but says he has no control over the protesters.

Maracle was referring to a public meeting in Deseronto Tuesday evening, where Mayor Norm Clark and town council updated residents on the ongoing negotiations between the MBQ and the federal government.
And the residents of Deseronto hunker down and wait.

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Anonymous said...

Canadians don't mind losing all the equity in their homes.

Neo Conservative said...

well... you could get fire sale prices on real-estate in deseronto before this all happened... can't imagine now.


Mike said...

The only property owner to gain from this will be the guy who owns the famous gravel pit ... Dolt's warmin' up the chequebook already.

That is the plan, isn't Dolt ?? You know.. take our money and buy a piece of property (ie gravel pit) and give to the criminals ... just like you did in Caledonia ... that oughta fix it.

I'm lookin' hard to buy a place with an existing land claim just so I can $$cash$$ in too.

Neo Conservative said...

"mike said... I'm lookin' hard to buy a place with an existing land claim just so I can $$cash$$ in too."

this is an idea that could spawn a whole new wave of investment in liberal governed parts of canada... buy now, make grandiose plans for development... let the head leftbot buy you out.

sheer genius.