28 April 2007

More business sense...

And hopefully... less bolshevism, bestiality and bowel movements...

Look out... there's a new Czar at the Communistic Broadcasting Corporation.

-- CanWest News Service -- Since 1997, Casgrain has served as chairman of Skyservice Investments Inc., a Canadian aviation company. He was also the executive vice-president of Brascan Financial Corp. between 1976 and 2002, and he worked at NBS Technologies as president and chief executive officer between 1988 and 1995.

However, the new chairman’s business credentials did little to win over NDP culture critic Charlie Angus.

“I’d really like to know why him and why not someone who comes out of broadcast,” Angus said.
Really Charlie... you think we need another Guy Fournier?
Casgrain will replace Guy Fournier, who resigned suddenly from the CBC board of directors in September after stirring up controversy over comments he made about bestiality and bowel movements.
Not making that up... swear to God.
-- MONTREAL -- CBC chairman Guy Fournier has become the target of anger and derision in his home province after falsely claiming that Lebanon permits bestiality and for granting a lengthy interview on the joys of bowel movements.
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James Higham said...

Now Neocon, bowel movements are an extremely important issue if one is having problems with same.