18 April 2007

Dion and Fiberals calling for...

A National 'Meat Cleaver' Registry.

-- MONTREAL -- Montreal police are sorting through body parts after arresting a man found carrying them in bags. Police spokesman Constable Laurent Gingras says a 44-year-old man is being questioned.
There will, of course, be no 'Cleaver Registry'... but just as nonsensically, this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech has Steffi and the Wild Bunch renewing their cries for reinstating the two billion dollar Farmer Bob Rifle Registry.

Which overlooks a few small details...
    A gun didn't drop out of the sky and start blasting away on its own. This was the act of a madman.

    The killer used two perfectly legal handguns, not a rifle.

    In Canada, handguns have been classified as 'restricted firearms' and have required registration since the 1930's.

    People knew this guy had major issues and still didn't stop him.
The fact is, if this nutjob, like Gamil Gharbi and Kimveer Gill before him, hadn't been able to get a gun, he would have run these people down with a car, or beaten them to death with an ashtray... because he was mentally ill.

The salient fact here is that people knew (and I despise the prissy politically correct terminology) he 'had issues', yet no one at the university thought to wall him off from these innocent victims.

Amid the cries echoed in the recent Dawson College shootings in Montreal of, "who could have seen this coming?"... it turns out, the answer was, well... plenty of people.

Plenty of people had also seen Kimveer Gill's demented death wishes and even pictures of Gill with guns on the internet. No one said a word, or alerted the police.

Not so, in the case of the Virginia Tech shootings. There were plenty of warnings and it turns out, plenty of people were concerned enough about the shooter's mental stability to voice their concerns.
Lucinda Roy said that in October of 2005 she was contacted as head of the English Department by a professor who was disturbed by a piece of his writing.

Ms. Roy, rebuffed by Mr. Cho, contacted the campus police, counseling services, student affairs and officials in her department.
Who exactly... claims they didn't see this coming? It couldn't have been the cops, they took him to the "Mouse Factory" on at least one occasion.
-- BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The gunman blamed for the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history had previously been accused of stalking two female students at Virginia Tech and had been taken to a mental health facility in 2005 after an acquaintance worried he might be suicidal, police said Wednesday.
But again, nothing was done to head off this tragedy.

And those responsible for ignoring those warnings should take a minute to examine the "liberal sensibilities" that stopped them from taking appropriate action.

I hope they're having some sleepless nights.

Because this very sad day should have been averted.

RELATED: More Liberal lies...
"We have requested of all political parties on Parliament Hill that they adopt tougher sentencing provisions for gun-related crimes, and that's something they can act on immediately."
Dalton McGuinty can't even deal with the aboriginal terrorists who have been holding Caledonia hostage for over a year.

And why is Mr. Law and Order taking mentally ill rapists "out to the ball game"?

I don't remember voting for that.
Police are searching for a mentally ill man who wandered away during a group outing to a Blue Jays game last night.

Mylvaganam Vaasuhan, 31, was found not criminally responsible in 2001 for sexual assaults on two girls.

And his Liberal cronies in the Senate have vowed to reject the Conservative's "Tough on Crime" legislation. These guys have more nerve than Madman Ahmadinejad.

Don't let yourself be fooled again.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the UK is currently all over banning big knives. don;t htink some bright spark won't think it's a good idea here too.

2 billion dollar for the gun registry....

Another 200 Leopard2.
3 state of the art new Collins Class submarines.

mini14 said...

Interestingly enough, people are actually calling for less gun control. A reverse from almost 10 years ago

Neo Conservative said...

i just wanna know how going after the rifles used by farmers and hunters... to the tune of 2 billion dollars... is gonna do anything about the gang murders in the hip-hop clubs in the big cities... invariably committed with cheap, smuggled pistols from the usa...