21 April 2007

Thank you, Ontario taxpayers...

For handing the world’s largest producer of cereal products millions of taxpayer dollars.

Jeff Chow, Kellogg plant manager in Belleville, said his company has received “great support“ from the province of Ontario, the Quinte region and the City of Belleville. Chow said he can’t wait to start producing Kellogg products at the new plant.

“Construction is well under way and we should be under operation by the fourth quarter of this year.“

When asked whether Kellogg will open with 100 employees as previously stated, Chow replied, “That is still being developed.“
Well, actually you should thank the provincial Liberal government.

Of course, if you have to bribe a manufacturer of anything to entice them to your city, it's only a matter of time before they find someone who can top your bid... or provide lots of amigos who'll work for peanuts.

Look what happened with Hershey in Smith Falls.

At least the community gets something back this time... unlike Dalton McGuinty's other recent payoff.

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Anonymous said...

Just look at tghe Massey- Furgeson deal at Massey-Harris folded , the Government ciut a deal to save job by giving $150 million of OUR money with a promise to keep jobs alive.

We all know what happened there and now Conran Black is raked across the coals even thought a Politician approved the $150 million with a mere promise to not close down.

Why is it our Charter Of Rights only protects the Politicians like Svend Robinson and the Liberals when they are caught stealing , either tax dollars or jewelry .
It's time Politicians went to jail to see what it's like for all those poor people that can get a $600.00 an hour lawyer for the AdScam swindle where $40million is still not accounted for on who got the money.

Oh wait....most Politicians are lawyers , what was I thinking , nobody would want a Law or Rule that they themselves can't aspire to uphold, that would be so Un-Canadian.