17 April 2007

Surrender Monkeys no more?

Christopher Hitchens on France...

There is a reason why the French Communist Party, which used to dominate the working class, the unions, and much of the lumpen intelligentsia, is now a spent force that represents perhaps 3 percent of the electorate.

And that reason, uncomfortable as it may be, is that most of the Communist electorate defected straight to the National Front.
UPDATE: Playing the "gender card"
-- PARIS, April 18 -- At an outdoor rally just days before the French are to cast their ballots for president, Ségolène Royal, the Socialist candidate, came with a special message.

“I want to address myself to the women,” Ms. Royal declared in the town of Achicourt in northern France on Sunday. “I need the women’s vote.”

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Why were they in the Commie Party in the first place then? No one else represented their interests I suppose - they were stuck with a choice between competing groups of self proclaimed 'progressive social justice' or some other misappropriately named mealy mouth types perhaps?

Neo Conservative said...

" Anonymous said... Why were they in the Commie Party in the first place then?"

don't know enough about contemporary french affairs to answer that... perhaps someone can jump in... but the hard turn to the right, is clearly a reaction to the apparent 'crumbling around the edges' of french civil society.

the more disorder there is... the more you'll see the numbers swing to the conservative parties.