13 April 2007

This might actually work...

With town council and your local "poop and scoop" bylaw.

You wanna negotiate with serial-murdering sociopaths... I suspect you're gonna have to dig a little bit deeper.

An online petition calling for the release of the BBC's Gaza correspondent, Alan Johnston, has now gathered more than 30,000 signatures.

The reporter is presumed to have been abducted when he disappeared on 12 March after leaving his Gaza office.
You have to marvel sometimes at the delusional Peter Pan worldview of the looney left.

This reporter didn't get lost on his way to the corner-souk for a box of cous-cous... he was snatched off the street by terrorists.

You think if you ask nicely... they'll let him go?

Someone please tell me these freaks can't reproduce.

UPDATE: 15 Apr -
Couldn't have seen this coming...
Palestinian Jihad and Tawheed Brigades say Alan Johnston has been executed, blame British, Palestinian governments. (h/t... SDA)
Maybe we didn't "make nice" enough.

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