25 April 2007

Brit Islamobombers give it up

Think it could never happen in Canada?

Four men have admitted being involved in a conspiracy to cause explosions on dates in 2001 and 2004 during a hearing at Woolwich Crown Court.

Junade Feroze, 31, Zia Ul Haq, 28, Abdul Aziz Jalil, 34, and Omar Rehman, 23, all pleaded guilty to an offence under the explosives substances act.
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Don't worry Canada, our magical "diversity" will save us.

Just not from this guy and his friends.
"If there is any homegrown terror, it is the RCMP."

Back in warm, fuzzy Canada
The Khawaja affair is in virgin legal territory as the courts attempt to clarify fundamental issues of law raised by a hastily enacted piece of terrorism legislation that is still in its infancy.

That has resulted in the trial being postponed four times - it originally was to start Jan. 2 - as lawyers for Khawaja and the federal Justice Department have launched various constitutional challenges, leaves to appeal, cross appeals and other actions, including up to the Supreme Court of Canada.
At least the lawyers won't go hungry.

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