30 April 2007

Virginia Tech "massacre"...

Could have been much worse...

Maybe not for the families and friends of those killed... but take a step back and look at "the Big Picture."

In short, every six and a half years, give or take a couple of months, Americans get massacred. The difference this time is that the body count is so much lower.

Why? Because the weapons were just guns.

But maybe next time we won't be so lucky. Maybe the killer won't use a weapon that requires him to walk across campus to get from the first two victims to the next 30.

Maybe he'll do what killers already do in Iraq: take out scores of people in one blast.
So for anyone sitting there, who just mentally celebrated the convictions and life sentences handed to the would-be British jihadi-bombers... just remember... their friends and fellow madmen are inevitably bringing this sort of insanity to your doorstep.

One mentally-ill loner is the least of your problems.

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Software developer Mohammed Momin Khawaja was employed at Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs when he was arrested.

In 2003 he had travelled to Pakistan and attended a training camp with some of the UK suspects.

According to evidence heard in court, his alleged role was to build a detonator. He is facing trial in Canada.

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